back to article Terra Quantum nets $75m for cryptography, security work

A Swiss quantum computing company claiming a world-first discovery has just marked what it believes is one of the largest funding rounds in the history of the quantum tech space. Terra Quantum announced on Thursday it extended its Series A funding to $75 million, which it said will go toward strengthening its offerings in …

  1. claimed

    That abstract reads a lot like a salesman in a bar: "hold my beer, I've got a fucking brilliant idea", and not much like "here's the evidence".

    Still, it got them $75m, so I doubt they care about me turning my nose up.

    Best of luck building a real world piece of technology, chaps.

    1. Harry Kiri

      Yeah this is all a bit confusing. Terra Quantum have got 75million which they say will be used to strengthen their crypto{graphy,security} offerings...

      But then the article mentions improving chip design by the use of negative capacitance (snigger, inductance!) to counter the built-in (positive) capacitance across the gates in MOSFETs which messes things up. So my intuitive analogue electronics take on this is this then forms a tuned resonant circuit which just creates a whole other host of practical problems. (For one if you're not switching the transistor at its resonant frequency the (positive) capacitance or (negative (snigger, inductance!)) dominate and you're back where you started. Plus in my experience resonant circuits tend to ring like little sods when you'd prefer they shut-up - especially when getting slapped with a nice impulse.

      Thankfully the papers rapidly descend into the use of quantum speak making it impossible to argue against...

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