back to article Intel buys cloud-optimization startup Granulate

Intel hopes to gain an extra edge in the cloud and datacenter markets with the acquisition of Granulate, a developer of software that optimizes complex and older workloads for modern CPUs. The semiconductor giant said today it has reached a deal to buy the startup, which has around 120 employees, for an undisclosed sum. Rumors …

  1. Sam Adams the Dog


    The question was raised in the article whether Intel would optimize for ARM as well as Intel architectures. But if the focus is on HPC, they would also have to take GPUs (especially Nvidia CUDA) into account. This strikes me as a much tougher problem.

    But presumably, even in its absence, there' are a lot of of non-HPC workflows (and HPC applications that cannot or have not been CUDAfied) that would benefit.

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