back to article AWS makes auto-recovery the default for EC2 instances

Amazon Web Services has added a small but important resilience feature: instances in its Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) now include automatic recovery by default. EC2 instances could previously be set to recover automatically by setting an alarm in Amazon CloudWatch – AWS's monitoring and observability service. But AWS has …

  1. simonb_london

    About time

    Why did this take so long? Of course I don't want a VM to randomly die one day because of something I forgot to do, or hadn't yet learned I needed to do.

  2. ronkee

    Some software doesn't autostart

    Sometimes you want or have to take manual steps before or while starting an instance.

  3. sreynolds Silver badge

    You would have thought it would have been the least that they could do...

    I mean how many were actual hardware faults and why should the user have to deal with hardware faults themselves. AWS is just way too convoluted.

  4. srinihp

    RPO & RTO are unspoken

    While this is good to have at the outset. Not necessary that every Test & Dev Instance also has to be recovered. This is also a cold recovery which essentially means that the RTO is going to be a higher side.

    While Deploying the Workloads for production, this is an important aspects that one needs to take care of:

    a) What's the Level of Availability that i need for this workload ?

    b) What's the RTO Limit ? This is the threshold time for which i can afford to have downtime for my workload / business depending on that one can decide to choose a Hot Standby, Warm Standby or Cold Recovery.

    c) Finally the RPO. This is an indication of how much of loss of data can be tolerated in case of failure. As much as you would want to say that 0. To achieve the same one needs to have a good infrastructure, with low latency enabling a synchronous replication.

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