back to article Microsoft reveals revamped Azure CDN – in two editions

Microsoft has created a new version of its Azure Front Door content delivery network (CDN), and told users of its existing two cloudy CDNs that if they want updates the way to get them is migrating to the new product. The software giant already offers two cloudy CDNs – one called Azure Front Door and another called Azure CDN …

  1. El Bard

    The Premium package "attaches" to Azure's web application firewall (WAF) – an integration the company reckons makes Front Door "a unified, modern cloud CDN platform with intelligent threat protection."

    This will bring the saying "Entering through the front door..." to whole new levels.

    Meanwhile in other Microsoft PR news...

    "Researchers at SentinelOne‘s SentinelLabs today disclosed five critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT.

    The vulnerabilities have a severity score as high as 10.0, SentinelLabs said."

    "Given that Defender for IoT is a security product itself, SentinelLabs says that is research “raises serious questions about the security of security products themselves and their overall effect on the security posture of vulnerable sectors.”

  2. DavidRa

    Ugh timing Microsoft!

    I literally deployed Azure CDN today, brand new for a customer. The beauty of CDN plus storage account was low cost - I had a small static website that would have been literally cents per month. This change ratchets the costs up about 10000%. Couldn't you have waited a week till the project closed!? I would have avoided all the angst!

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