back to article Tech vendors to get 18-month insight into UK govt IT spending

The UK government has published a guide to public-sector technology procurement which promises to offer vendors insight into forthcoming technology spending in the £46bn ($60bn) market. The Cabinet Office, which oversees cross-government initiatives, has published an 11-point "playbook" on sourcing and contracting of …

  1. sanmigueelbeer

    Something is missing here, guv.

    To be frank, that "playbook" needs to include names and shipping addresses of decision makers so as to give everyone a chance to send the brown paper bags to the correct person for, ahem, "review".

  2. Howard Sway Silver badge

    Insufficient thinking, analysis, architecture and design. Often this is actually skipped over

    Yeah, they skip this stage to save money, so that they can go from the project initialisation stage to the complete and utter project failure stage more quickly. It's seen as a form of efficiency and "value for money".

  3. mr-slappy

    Party Party Party

    Preprinted party invites addressed to senior members of the Government and their wives / husbands / mistresses would save everyone a lot of time

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