back to article Telehouse adds fifth datacenter to Docklands campus in London, UK

Colocation firm Telehouse has opened its fifth datacenter in London Docklands, claiming it will be the company’s largest global facility once fully up and running. The firm has invested £223 million into refurbishing the building, which was formerly the site of a datacenter operated by Thomson Reuters. Telehouse, the …

  1. ITMA Silver badge

    Is that wise?

    The old phrase "eggs in one basket" comes to mind - FIVE data centres on a single site in central London?

    1. DavidLS

      Re: Is that wise?

      It doesn't seem like a great idea at the best of times, let alone now, given current geopolitical tensions.

      Perhaps they take the view that if everyone who matters is closely located in and around London, then the transition to mushroom cloud computing won't be a problem because no-one will be around to complain.

    2. NeilPost Silver badge

      Re: Is that wise?

      As AWS illustrate, you don’t need to spaff money up the wall on massively expensive property in Docklands to have a ‘London Region’ Datacentre.

      A £1/4bn refurb. Yikes !!!! That’s insane.

    3. Christopher Rogers

      Re: Is that wise?

      You would hope the DR sites for each customer sit at least outside a nuclear blast zone from there.

  2. NeilPost Silver badge

    London Financial Latency

    I do not buy the Low Latency London Financial District connections either.

    If that was the case, the smart people at Standard Life would have been agile (or just present and awake actually) and sold a number of questionable stocks on the run up to Covid lockdown and got out to Cash (or lock-down resistant stocks and bought again at the bottom of the market - for my pension management fee.

    It was not miliseconds it was about the 4-6 weeks where anyone with any common sense could see where it was going … and a 20% spanking to my pension was the result. Took 18 months to just recover to parity.

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