back to article Atlassian flags Bitbucket and Confluence Data Center flaws

Atlassian has demonstrated the interconnectedness of all things with a warning that some versions of Bitbucket Data Center and Confluence Data Center require patching courtesy of the Hazelcast Java deserialization vulnerability. Hazelcast is an in-memory data grid and spreads data over the nodes of a cluster and is used for …

  1. Spamfast

    Who in their right mind uses Atlassian product?

    1. DevOpsTimothyC

      Most software development projects I've been on have used JIRA.

      My personal view is that SharePoint is alot worse than Confluence. What reasonable alternatives can others suggest (to confluence/SharePoint)?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "My personal view is that SharePoint is alot worse than Confluence."

        Same here, recently discovered Confluence, and there is NO WAY I'll ever approach SP again !

      2. logicalextreme

        MediaWiki. Can't recommend it enough, but of course it can potentially depend on what you want out of a tool.

        MediaWiki's open source, so you can do what you want with it, and my number one reason for always suggesting it (especially for knowledge bases, though it applies to other uses too) is that pretty much everybody uses Wikipedia at least once a day — if you leave the visuals mostly alone apart from your own logo and stick to basic formatting and sectioning, your pages will look like Wikipedia articles. I've found this to be invaluable in having people read and comprehend pages quickly. Caveat of course is that you run it yourself somewhere, though the cost of doing that (including learning) probably pales in comparison to paying for an Atlassian product.

        I find Confluence to be an unholy mess that's loosely inspired by the idea of a wiki, but with all the good bits cut out and a ropey sociopathic WYSIWYG editor sellotaped onto the side (wiki markup was once supported and is now removed, and markdown isn't a thing AFAICT). Basic needs like linking to a section of a page are either impossible or can very occasionally be achieved with a lot of clicking and copy-pasting of weirdly-formatted URLs that you sometimes have to construct by getting <div> ids out of the page source. Even linking to another Confluence page is a chore. Flowing doesn't seem to be a thing, so you have to put things in "columns" which the WYSIWYG editor helpfully displays as…rows, and keep manually adjusting the widths as you go. To be fair to Atlassian the ⟨I⟩ in WYSIWYG can arguably stand for "isn't", so I think they're covered. The vast majority of basic features that I've been unable to find I've then Googled, and found a ticket (or several) in Atlassian's Jira instance telling the multiple users requesting it that ( you used to be able to do it, but that feature was removed | you can only do it via a third-party extension | it's not possible and we're committed to making sure it'll never be possible ). That's when their own Jira isn't either failing to render half the elements on the page, or down entirely.

        I'll admit that Confluence is marginally better than my brief experiences of SharePoint though.

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