back to article RISE with SAP struggles to gain purchase with German-speaking users

Investment sentiment in S/4HANA, SAP's in-memory ERP platform, is falling for the first time among the software giant's German-speaking users. According to a survey from DSAG, which counts users in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland among its members, the proportion of organizations to which S/4HANA was relevant to their SAP …

  1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Necessary caution

    Caution is inherent in many of the departments that chose to run SAP in the first place. Convincing them to move sensitive customer data to other people's computer systems is always going to be hard and that'e before anyone mentions compliance and data protection: contracts may stipulate that data must be processed on their own hardware and the fines for potential breaches of data protection law have always been steep.

    Plus, having gone through all the pain and expense of installing SAP, few are going to have much appetite for migration: it will cost a fortune and the benefits will probably be small, come back in ten years or so…

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