back to article F-Secure spins out new enterprise security business: WithSecure

F-Secure's enterprise-facing business will have a new brand – WithSecure – and a sharpened focus when the company splits into two independent operations. The move comes a month after the security vendor's board of directors revealed that the 34-year-old Helsinki-based company would carve out the consumer security business from …

  1. Kurgan

    Let's hope it works out

    I am an F-secure customer and like their products, both home and business. Let's hope this split does not ruin either of these products.

    1. Ilgaz


      They have this very unique offering named Freedome which combines VPN, anti tracking and antivirus but it didn't create such a splash. It is also kind of expensive but it is the security product that can race with free Microsoft antivirus.

  2. emfiliane

    Their corporate/enterprise products have had a constant stream of major, high-profile exploits and breaches, and endless near-weekly patching of some products for the last few years. It's a disaster and I'll be so glad to dump them. I suspect that has more to do with the rebranding of that side and the departure of almost all executives from it, than something as lame as "more people search for the low-end products."

    1. Sandtitz Silver badge

      "endless near-weekly patching of some products for the last few years"

      I'm only familiar with their Policy Manager and Server/Client Security products and apart from recent Log4j patches there certainly hasn't been a constant stream of 'high-profile exploits and breaches'. Maybe two hotfixes have been necessary to install to clients (rather painless), and there have mostly been CVEs where the scan engine fails to scan something special and can crash - fixed with automatic definition/scan engine updates anyway without any manual patching needed.

      "It's a disaster and I'll be so glad to dump them."

      So, which product will replace F-Secure at your site?

  3. Schultz

    Weak Spot

    I always had a weak spot for F-secure, after it helped me to clean up a computer back in the mid-90s. But I never made it into their paying customer base -- the prices were a bit steep. And the current announcements sound like a lot of marketing gobbledigook, so I guess the salesmen finally took over.

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