back to article Adobe anticipates $75m hit from Russia, Belarus pullout

Adobe had a great first quarter this year, but the real news is the losses it is predicting due to the Russo-Ukraine war, which finally gives us a sense of the financial impact of Russian pullouts on big tech. The purveyor of Creative Cloud posted record Q1 revenue [PDF] for the period ending March 4, 2022, in which it turned …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Making money means nowt

    They'll raise prices for everyone and to hell with the users. As long as the 'C' level execs can get their hands on one of those Oligarc's yachts at rock bottom prices what do they care eh?

  2. tiggity Silver badge

    And that's the grief with SaaS

    At least when you buy a piece of software at exorbitant upfront cost that you can run and install locally then it will work long after purchase.

    With "rental" software you are at the whims of the company owning the software and potentially other scenarios (the current one is a bit exceptional, but it's not unusual for countries to be disallowed from using products be it for "national security" reasons, trade disputes etc.). As theres currently a lot of pressure on companies to not do business with Russia, I would not fancy being a Russian dependent on non Russian cloudy software as likely that access to it will be pulled (lets not forget that lots of ordinary Russians despise Putin but will be penalised regardless - though the hammering of the Rouble means most are shafted well beyond access to random cloudy solutions )

  3. Tams

    Such a small amount, and as if most Russian users were paying in the first place.

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