back to article Chinese Go Association suspends player 'for using AI'

The Chinese Go Association – the body that oversees professional and high-level amateur play of the board game – has suspended a player for apparently using artificial intelligence during a tournament. An announcement from the body states the cheating happened during online play in preliminary rounds of the Advocate Cup China …

  1. NXM

    How did they know? Did he squeal?

    First rule of Not Being Seen: do not stand up.

    1. Aleph0

      I suppose that he was caught doing numerous moves countering currently established game theory, moves that were revealed being advantageous much later in the game (so-called "divine moves"). Human players cannot usually think too many moves ahead in early stages of the game where complexity balloons exponentially.

    2. Maximus Decimus Meridius

      The AI's play differently enough that an experienced player can tell. There is a documentary on Netflix called AlphaGo about the AI/Human tournament. The human players were surprised about the strategies the AI used - certainly nothing like a human player.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        But now those moves are known to be useful, wouldn't some humans start using them?

        1. marcellothearcane

          Probably because like chess, the difference between a move that results in a good position and a move that results in a bad position depends on the exact game state.

          The AI didn't find some golden rule like "put a piece here on move 17" that always works, so humans can't copy it.

        2. swm Silver badge

          Human GO players are currently studying the Alpha GO moves carefully to improve their game. Looking at some of the games the play is very subtle.

      2. Ian Bush

        More than that, it's quite possible that the games are analysed afterwards by some software to find indicators as to whether it is a human playing, or if there is computer "assistance". I can't tell you about the Go world, but this certainly happens in Chess - any rated online tournament will likely be sent for analysis, and yes, people have been disqualified and/or banned for use of a computer having been detected by this method. Ken Regan ( is probably the best known researcher in this area.

  2. mumps

    Well, in many tournaments now there is a requirement to have a separate webcam viewing the player and their hands, so it may have been something to do with a failure regarding this.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      While they are sat in front of a computer?

      Connected to the internet?

      Pass the mind bleach please...

      1. mumps

        Not sure why bleach is required. Could you explain?

  3. gerryg

    AI and cheating

    If you look at almost any online go server, e.g.,, every game is analysed at the end using AI and a performance graph is displayed. Usually rubbishing those moves you thought were amazing.

    If your performance graph show an astonishing conformity to best move, unless you are e.g., Shin Jin-seo, you are cheating (on balance of probabilities, etc )

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