back to article Wi-Fi 6E unaffected by chip shortages, claims Wi-Fi Alliance

Businesses shouldn't wait for Wi-Fi 7 networking kit when Wi-Fi 6E can give them significant advantages today. So says the Wi-Fi Alliance, which disputes the message coming from parts of the industry that Wi-Fi 6E will only see limited adoption because of supply chain issues that might cause buyers to hold off until Wi-Fi 7 is …

  1. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    "Will consumers will wait for wi-fi 7 ...?"

    "Oh yes they will"

    "Oh no they won't"

    If Wi-fi 7 is delayed for any reason, governments can sell spectrum for 6E, manufacturers can sell 6E equipment and everyone is making money.

    When the delays for 7 are overcome, governments can sell spectrum for 7, manufacturers can sell 7 equipment and everyone is making money ... and thus the ball collects moss until 8 is ratified ...

  2. Fazal Majid

    The EU is lagging

    And hasn’t approved the spectrum yet, because Telcos are furiously lobbying to arrogate themselves that spectrum as they unsuccessfully tried to do in the US, despite having in Ajit Pai the most telco-captured FCC head in decades. Telcos, really, *really* hate the idea that someone, somewhere, may be transferring data without paying for it.

  3. fidodogbreath

    6E feels like it was intended to solve manufacturers' revenue problems rather than customers' business communication needs. Who rips out and replaces their wireless infrastructure every two years?

    At this point we don't have very many client devices that even support WiFi 6E. Makes more sense to wait for the next gen WiFi7. Why spend a crap-ton of money on a transitional spec that will be obsolete in a year?

    1. Blackjack Silver badge

      Also many people and business are using older routers, at most home routers were replaced in 2020, otherwise routers; like keyboards in the office, only gets replaced if you absolutely have to do so.

    2. dotatxyz

      Just depends on their own lifecycle. Not everyone is up to wi-fi 6 products yet.

  4. DS999 Silver badge

    Yes please wait for Wifi 7

    Then Wifi 6E products will be heavily discounted to clear the channel and make way for Wifi 7!

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