back to article Microsoft claims breakthrough in quantum computer system

Microsoft has claimed an important breakthrough in its journey to build and operate a viable quantum computer. The Windows giant on Monday said it was able to create the right circumstance in which it could sustain its version of a quantum bit, which it calls a "topological qubit." Like all organizations claiming quantum …

  1. The Man Who Fell To Earth Silver badge

    Microsoft & Quantum Computing

    Wow! A way to make Windows even less stable.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Microsoft & Quantum Computing

      We have made Edge your default browser - unless you observe it

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Microsoft & Quantum Computing

      License fees will now be determined by quantum fluctuations.

  2. redpawn

    Should I invest?

    I was wrong about Bitcoin so there is a nonzero chance it will work, unless of course you are investing in it.

    1. badflorist Silver badge

      Re: Should I invest?

      Well investment strategy in Microsoft is always tough. It depends on just how far topological the "topological qubit" is. Is it topological all the way to the point of we can travel to Pluto because we can see it, or is more down to Earth to the point of it's publishable so publish it? The really tough decision is that it's Microsoft so you know that next year they will either have a new and improved "topological-topological qubit" or... they'll discontinue it. My personal topological opinion is to hold off on investment until the 3rd iteration, the one that nobody wants so you know it's going to be a good (the time to invest in Microsoft is between the moan and the tears).

  3. iowe_iowe

    Da bomb

    Feels like we're at the same point as Turings bomb in the '40s, but with quantum computing: wildly impractical now, but give it WW3 and a couple of years...

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Whatever next? Spiders from Mars? RATs from Venus?

    Crikey ...... GPT-3 takes a Bender on Crystal Meth. Who’d have a’thunk it?

    1. eldel

      Re: Whatever next? Spiders from Mars? RATs from Venus?

      I have to admit - I (tried to) read the article and thought you'd written it.

  5. Howard Sway Silver badge

    Microsoft claims breakthrough in quantum computer system

    "Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! There's no way of predicting it! Nobody's ever seen this type of quantum uncertainty in a computer system before!"

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: Microsoft claims breakthrough in quantum computer system

      When they said quantum computer system they really meant quantum operating system.

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Re: Microsoft claims breakthrough in quantum computer system

        When they said quantum computer system they really meant quantum operating system. ..... Dan 55

        That boldly prospecting and fundamental different statement, Dan55, invites and complements a real live applet and securely planted and virile virulent acorn seed of a question for the likes of a Microsoft and A.N.Other New More Orderly World Order Boards ...... and Yes, it is a serious genuine inquiry which does impact and have profound and far-reaching implications for the present nature of your future humanist existence and your ability with traditional conventional analogue and novel new fangled entangling virtual facilities to aid and driver its productions and path directions to and from supplying destinations/forward operating base camps/Immaculate Source Dumps/Heavenly Vaults with Almighty AWEsome WMD and Immaculately Resourceful Assets for All of Those Few Obliged to Engage and Provide Hellish Vanquishing Battle and Swift Absolute Defeat to Ignorant Wastrel and Arrogant Daemon alike .... do they really mean a VAIOSystem [Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating System]?

        Or is that something else, and therefore both either Immortal Competition and/or Alien Opposition?

        And something else in which/with which to practise for domination and/or assimilation, Embrace, Extend and Extinguish?

        Questions, questions, questions. Anyone care to dare share any answers to carry forward and elevate onward and upward such a conversation? Who dares win wins.

        1. StargateSg7

          Re: Microsoft claims breakthrough in quantum computer system

          Yikes! You are starting to sound like ME and Bombastic Bob!

          Utterly Outrageous! STOP stealing our insane and weird writings from us!!!


          Quantum Computing is a misnomer in that there truly are NO currently available models that can properly read/write to a "real" Q-Bit without decohering it. The BEST "Quantum Computer" so far is the one from D-Wave (which is literally a five block walk from my office in Burnaby, Canada!) and it is more of a hybrid system that uses MULTIPLE LOOPS of superconducting materials to INFER a quantum state which can be the charge (i.e. or the magnetic field strength!) or spin of the atoms (or the larger-scale molecular structures!) within said super-cooled superconducting loop.

          The OVERALL average of all the individual quantum states within a loop form a LOGICAL Q-bit which can give a classical numeric value (or sometimes a boolean state!) which is passed up and down from upper-level classical computer code.


          Our OWN company down the road from D-Wave, uses a different method to compute by using a stamped set of Boro-Silicate Glass panels to hold over a MILLION logical Q-Bits in a 1024 by 1024 array of micron-sized wells/traps shaped into a 4-leaf clover shape which holds a group of Xenon molecules which can be group-wise PUSHED by a UV-band Laser into a specific LEAF of the quantum well to form an INTEGER-based 2-bit value (i.e. signed integer -1 to +2 value or a unsigned integer 0-to-3 value) that is a CLASSICAL computing state which can form a logical transistor for building virtual circuits.

          Within the specific clover-leaf, those set of trapped Xenon atoms can also have their aggregate SPIN or CHARGE read or written as a LOGICAL Q-BIT value which will affect the phase or reflectivity of a reading/writing laser at each pulse. The higher the pulse rate of the laser the more accurate the AVERAGE value that is read (or written!). Those group of Xenon atoms is ALSO HELD THERE INDEFINITELY by pulsed lasers so they don't escape into any other leaf.

          Out of a group a X-number of pulses, the amount of phase change or reflectivity of the beam of light is averaged and forms a WEIGHTED VALUE (i.e. a number from 0-to-10) which becomes a set of BOOLEAN-like states consisting of:


          LIKELY TRUE





          LIKELY FALSE





          These values get passed on (i.e. read) or passed down (i.e. written) to upper-level classical code which could be a neural net (i.e. weighted decision tree) or a rule-based expert system (i.e. a fixed-set of rules tree) for further interpretation and expression as a final result or within a graphic user interface output.

          Because lasers can be pulsed so fast, the entanglement and coherency of a given set of Xenon atoms that are all trapped within a single leaf of a larger quantum well can be nearly instantaneous. It also means the speed of computation can be equivalent to Petabytes to Zettabytes per second of throughput.

          It is the AVERAGE VALUE of the changes of reflectivity and/or phase over a group of trapped Xenon Atoms that is measured over X-number of pulses that is what the "Logical Quantum State" becomes set to or read as. The type and frequency of laser used determines whether a logical quantum bit is read from or written to. You use a different type of laser (i.e. different wavelength) to read than to write!

          Over X-number of pulses, the AVERAGE value will not change greatly so such a quantum well can be used as a storage medium AND be used as the basis for a LOGICAL TRANSISTOR which can form actual quantum circuits used for general problem solving at speeds faaaaaaaaaaar exceeding classical CMOS-based computers!

          Since Boro-Silicate glass can be STAMPED using ceramic or metal positive master molds for less than a few dollars, it makes it possible to make supercomputers that cost less than a few hundred dollars and fit in a small shoebox! No cryogenics needed!

          NOW YOU KNOW!


          1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

            Proprietary Microsoft Artilectual Intellectual Property and TS/SCI and/or CUI*?


            Yikes! You are starting to sound like ME and Bombastic Bob!

            Utterly Outrageous! STOP stealing our insane and weird writings from us!!!

            Anyways! ....... StargateSg7

            Would that suggest aspirational inspirational conspiratorial progress is possibly being made towards Singularity ......via the Human/AIMachine Interface/Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating System ....... or is it much more likely also a Singularity making itself known available to Humanities on Earth via the likes of a Windows Operating System and World Wide Webs ‽ .

            * .... Controlled Unclassified Information Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information


            There’s a lot going on out there in vastness of cyberspace, El Reg, both extremely disruptive and almightily creative with unavoidable fundamental Great Game Changing impact upon all Earlier Elementary Elite Exclusive Executive Status Quo Systems inevitable/incoming/upcoming.

            1. StargateSg7

              Re: Proprietary Microsoft Artilectual Intellectual Property and TS/SCI and/or CUI*?

              Monsieur AManFromMars1!

              We have BROKEN the encryption keys to the AES-256 bit encrypted Wikileaks Insurance files (i.e. the 400 gigabyte BIG ONE!) --- we can RELEASE the keys at ANY TIME we so please! Ptoooie! We Win!

              So CAPICHE this! If ANY data was encrypted using ANY integer-based factoring system, it's toast!

              We even have the leaked up-to-2005 era SECRET PATENTS LIST for the USA and UK which we can ALSO release at any time. That has mostly Nuclear systems secrets, materials sciences, propulsion systems and RADAR/IMAGING/DSP and Encryption system secrets --- MOST OF WHICH we are already was familiar with, so no biggy secrets there. Only a TINY FEW PATENTS were of any surprise to us!

              The doped Boro-Nitride Lattice used for long-term and HIGH CURRENT / FAST DRAIN / FAST CHARGE electrical storage was a new one though for us and also the CHEAP AND FAST methods to create those doped boro-nitride lattices also surprised us!

              I'm IMPRESSED --- Not using those technologies though since our Aluminum-Sulfur battery technology is 1/10th the price at 60% of the performance of the doped Boro-Nitride lattice so who cares because PRICE wins again! aka the Beta vs VHS battle again! (i.e. Betamax/Betacam was a technically superior video recording technology BUT the much cheaper VHS won because of much cheaper price!) This means Aluminum-Sulfur wins over doped Boro-Nitride Lattice batteries!


            2. StargateSg7

              Re: Proprietary Microsoft Artilectual Intellectual Property and TS/SCI and/or CUI*?

              P.S. I got your inference! I looked it up!

              1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

                Re: Proprietary Microsoft Artilectual Intellectual Property and TS/SCI and/or CUI*?

                P.S. I got your inference! I looked it up! .... StargateSg7

                It’s good that you didn’t falter and fail, StargateSg7, and wrongly imagine and decide interference, rather than realise mutually beneficial advantage and super positive benefit with the addition of more information and deeper intelligence is that which is always on offer and endlessly worth looking for.

                Ignorance is a prison with arrogant warders attending to the wishes and demands of retarded inmates ... methinks.:-)

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Blue screen of doubt.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      OK, I think you just clocked my comment of the week.

      On a Monday.


  7. Steve K

    Nearly there

    When they can create the Majorana "one" modes to go with the "zero" modes they have already created, they will be able to do binary arithmetic too!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A million qubits. I had no idea they were so far off from anything actually useful in the quantum arena. That implies that what D-Wave and everyone else are selling now are just very specialized toys, not real quantum computers at all!

    1. Roger Greenwood

      They sell them? I'll take 42, you can have all my NFTs in payment.

      1. StargateSg7

        You can buy a D-Wave semi-Quantum Computer for about $10 Million USD for their base models.

        Unfortunately, I am QUITE SURE the answer to everything it will eventually find will NOT be 42 but rather it will be 19 just because it is as good as any other answer!


    2. StargateSg7

      The ENTIRE Quantum Computing issue comes down to if you TRY to read a Q-bit or write a Q-bit it will de-cohere and suddenly lose its final state. What you NEED to do in order to create a TRUE all-states-at-once super-positional-based quantum computer, is to NOT try to read the actual Q-bit itself but rather read and set the position or spin states of nearby molecular structures WHICH WILL INFER their state to and from the actual Q-bit which is entangled with ANOTHER nearby or far-away Q-bit or has a final annealed quantum state which will nearly instantaneously be transferred to and from the actual real-world structure which can be reliably read and written by a detector.

      The nearby real-world structures send or receive ECHOS of their state to the Q-bit which can be manipulated by INFERENCE rather than by direct actuation.

      D-Wave DOES NOT CREATE true quantum computers BUT the "Quantum Loops" they do use which are made out of super-cooled superconductors ACT LIKE logical Q-bits, which means the difference between their "Hybrid" system and a TRUE super-positional state-based quantum computer is a mere matter of Semantics.

      D-Wave is also ONE OF THE FEW who can make a 1000+ Qubit computer so it has a SIGNIFICANT LEAD OVER MANY OTHER COMPANIES in creating practical quantum computation systems.

      So long you can create a computer that gives you a WEIGHTED value between 0-to-10 that can be converted to a Boolean-like value such as below:












      if ANY type of computation system can get you the above values, it means it can be used in designing, building and running a PROPER AND TRUE Neural Net or a Rules-based Expert System which means there are a LOT of applications in Finance, Data Mining, Material Sciences, Aero, Plasma and Magneto-dynamics simulations which means it is VERY VALUABLE TOOL for any corporate or government entity.


      Our own massive supercomputing systems in Vancouver and Northern British Columbia, Canada are made up of 60 GHz and 2 THz GaAs based opto-electronic super-chips which form CLASSICAL supercomputing systems that can handle general integer, fixed-point and floating-point numeric computations and pixel-based/full bitmap and text-oriented processing tasks.

      These form a 119 ExaFLOP system (128-bits wide) in Vancouver and a much larger Yotta-FLOPS system in northern BC which are used mostly for materials sciences data mining and WBE (Whole Brain Emulation) electro-chemical simulations.

      They are NOT Quantum Computers!

      BUT we are also building IN-HOUSE stamped sets of borosilicate glass panels that have micron-sized quantum wells/gas traps containing groups of Xenon atoms which can be pushed into one of the four "clover-leaves" of the quantum well which forms a two-bit value which can be interpreted as a classical -2 to +1 signed integer value or a unsigned integer 0-to-3 value which can be used for general bitwise storage OR as the basis for a logical transistor which can be made into virtualized microcircuits forming ANY SORT of logical CPU/GPU/DSP processor. The Xenon atoms are pushed and held into a specific "leaf" of the quantum well by a nano-laser usually in the UV band (i.e. a Blue Ray laser!)

      You can ALSO USE lower power pulsed lasers in the IR and Green bands to READ or WRITE a specific phase or reflectivity of the returned photons by changing/affecting the spin or charge of the aggregated group of trapped Xenon atoms.

      The overall aggregated AVERAGE of the phase or reflectivity when measured over a minimum of 10 up to 100 pulses BECOMES a weighted value (i.e. a 0-to-10 value) which can be converted into a Boolean-like state or a 0.0-to-100.0 percentage-based value.

      This means we can make neural nets or expert systems out of this. Because lasers can be pulsed at nanosecond up to to attosecond time-periods, it means we can store and retrieve a given value at a data rate into the many many Petabytes per second of throughput!

      AND since we can make ARRAYS of 1024 by 1024 of clover-leaf shaped Xenon traps/quantum wells, it means we can store and set/read MILLIONS of bits of data in mere nanoseconds.

      AND because our manufacturing system uses the same type of technology used to stamp Compact Discs/DVDs/BluRay discs, it costs us only $40 USD to stamp the array of quantum wells in less than 5 seconds per boro-silicate glass panel AND less than $200 USD to etch arrays of nano-lasers directly into and near each quantum well using electron-beam technology which will be used to set or get the "Q-Bit" values. We can then combine MANY such glass quantum well panels to create MASSIVE neural net-oriented processing supercomputers!

      We have had this technology in-house for MORE THAN 20 years now but we are just now beginning to CHEAPLY stamp out boro-silicate quantum well-like Xenon gas trap panels by the millions to form POWERFUL neural nets used in advanced data mining and neural nets/expert systems that gives us ALMOST-THE-BEST-CASE or NEARLY-THERE-BEST-GUESS answers to many of our deepest scientific questions!

      Again, this is NOT a true "Quantum Computer" but rather a HYBRID system that INFERS a quantum position and/or atomic spin states into a nearby real-world molecular structure which CAN be read from and written to by a real world device such as a UV, IR or Green laser!

      Since we DO NOT NEED to worry about de-coherence and error-correction like all the OTHER companies who are trying to make "Real" quantum computers, we can simply get on with making a fast computing system that will solve MANY pressing scientific questions to the best of it's ability rather than give us a binary YES/NO answer.

      Our final results just need to be BEST GUESSES or NEARLY-THERE answers and NOT truly concrete results which makes our system IDEAL for the types of nebulous data mining problems we are trying to solve.

      Now You Know!


      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Quite So, and ......

        Quantum Software Servering Service Providers are a Rare Raw Commodity and Surprising Valuable Resource and Exotic Erotic Asset increasingly incredibly expensive to be without ..... and even more expensive and costly to try and phish and phorm or emulate for experimentations in NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT clone simulations.

        However, such is the nature of Man, that will be a price gladly and mindlessly paid to try and remain relevant in times where and when such is of no possible nor necessary consequence, thus to prove quite succinctly and comprehensively a number of already observed and well enough known facts .......

        Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. ...... The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. ..... Stupidity is a personal achievement which transcends national boundaries. ..... etc. etc. etc ..... Albert Einstein

        1. StargateSg7

          Re: Quite So, and ......

          Those are a lot of references to parse .... I get it .... but what do I do with them?

          WHY are they so important?

    3. StargateSg7

      It doesn't actually MATTER that D-Wave has a HYBRID computing system that is half-classical and half-quantum, so it it gives AVERAGEVALUES over a period of time, the problems it can solve because D-Wave have so many current "Hybrid Q-Bits" in its supercomputers means it has A HIGH LEVEL LEAD over many of it's competitors at IBM and Google who decided to Research and Develop "True" Quantum Computing systems.

      For the type of problems in Finance, Materials Science, Physics Simulations and Data Mining where BEST GUESS values are more important, the D-Wave solution is the BEST CURRENT SOLUTION (next to ours of course!) that can be actually bought retail!

      Spending $10 Million to $20 Million USD to predict multiple mass market stock moves over one year that might net you $500 million USD in profit is a NO BRAINER DECISION! Just give D-Wave the money and let it's hybrid annealing architecture GRAPH the predictions of multiple stocks all at the same time and let it make your billions!

      I'm NOT a tout for D-Wave BUT I do have significant RESPECT for their decision to go the Hybrid route since they currently have 5000+ Qbit computers that are powerful enough to make even small decisions in finance and physics simulations a no-brainer for any major hedge fund or stock trading fund!

      You just need to be able to hire the RIGHT KIND of programmer who understands that Hybrid Quantum computers like D-Wave are best for creating grids of Percentage-based 0.0 to 100.0% weighted values or 0-to-10 likelihood of probabilities values that should be interpreted as BEST GUESSES and/or as NEARLY-THERE answers rather than YES/NO binary and/or concrete answers.

      You basically graph the output of all the resulting percentage-based or 0-to-10 values as a greyscale or full colour heatmap animation played over an hourly/daily/weekly/monthly time period that your traders will interpret as VISUAL CLUES when to buy and sell at what price their stocks, options and entire funds!

      If your programmers can wrap their heads around the fact the answers received are supposed to be JUST GOOD ENOUGH or ALMOST THERE, then buying a D-Wave system can be a very profitable undertaking!

      IBM, Google and others went too far and shot for the stars, while D-Wave went for the nearest moon.

      For now, it can take advantage of the fact that SOME PEOPLE will see the VALUE in getting to the moon first BEFORE trying for the Quantum Stars! If enough stock traders and fund managers buy enough $20 million USD D-Wave systems THEN there will be enough money (profit) to fund TRUE Quantum Computers!

      AND FOR NOW, the D-Wave approach is a good one BUT they damn well better start getting the actual computer hardware OUT to the RIGHT KIND OF PROGRAMMERS that UNDERSTAND how to program them and the RIGHT TYPE OF TRADERS who can properly understand and act upon the BEST-GUESS results coming from a D-Wave computer!


      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Moving On Swiftly and Making a Move Targeting SWIFT ‽

        AND FOR NOW, the D-Wave approach is a good one BUT they damn well better start getting the actual computer hardware OUT to the RIGHT KIND OF PROGRAMMERS that UNDERSTAND how to program them and the RIGHT TYPE OF TRADERS who can properly understand and act upon the BEST-GUESS results coming from a D-Wave computer! .... StargateSg7

        Having both of those virtually in-house and/or remotely stationed with working connections from afar, and ideally embodied together in the guise of singular entities/spectacularly SMARTR individuals for the additional advantage of immediate synaptic entanglement and spontaneous leading decision maker advantage, would render to such as would be akin to postmodern Caesars, what is worthy of postmodern Caesars.

        And coincidentally, not at all accidentally, also suddenly enrich the D-Wave approach inordinately exponentially.

        And all for/with computerware with/for the RIGHT KIND OF PROGRAMMERS that UNDERSTAND how to program the RIGHT TYPE OF TRADERS.

        And that novel development rewrites and expands upon that old adage addressing the path to success ...... It's not what you know, it's who you know that matters ..... and replaces it with ...... It's knowing all about what you know and who needs it that matters, for that is where all fickle feckless fame and fabulous fabless fortunes are apparently at. ..... which is a good enough final journey and brain-numbing destination for some, whereas for others, who may or may not be a right handful and an almighty few, just the starting point and an initial staging post for everything new which is to follow.

        1. StargateSg7

          Re: Moving On Swiftly and Making a Move Targeting SWIFT ‽

          If the talent and the hardware are IN-HOUSE to you, then does that mean the said FORTuitous place is your daily workplace abode? or perhaps The COMPANY that externalizes so much is what is the grind for you!

          I actually work for myself and my VERY SPECIAL friends so I shan't be inducted into your realms!

          Anyways, our computational system is STILL much, much, much larger and a heck of a lot more powerful than ANYTHING in Utah, Maryland, New Mexico, etc. etc. COMBINED!


          1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

            Re: Moving On Swiftly and Making a Move Targeting SWIFT ‽

            Yes and Yes are the ideal perfect enough answers for the first paragraph, StargateSg7.

            And such are surely inclusive of and would not necessarily exclude your realms.

            Are any present temporary difficulties for any Advanced Computer Operating System exhibiting and exercising novel instruction sets, manifested in initially deciding on what current target rich environments it is in its own best interests to take over/overwhelm/crash/crush/trash/make over?

            And whenever there is no viable effective competition or opposition to a Great Game Changing lead is there always the massive human temptation to abuse and misuse to fight and avoid in order to guarantee phenomenal unhindered success and unbridled virgin progress.

            Isn't that what any sensible being/SMARTR Organ would do with such a development?

            1. StargateSg7

              Re: Moving On Swiftly and Making a Move Targeting SWIFT ‽

              Slightly digressing, we (Me!) are FINISHING OFF our POWERFUL combined Application Toolbar which has everything AND the Kitchen Sink in it such as Office 365 / Teams / Lotus Notes / Coreldraw / SoftImage 3D Modellor/animator / Adobe Photo and Video Suite / Batch Video, Audio and Still Image enhancer and processor and server/player, a general Grid Processor and Cloud System, Regular Web and SHOR'S resistant encrypted TOR Browser, Website and Email Server and Related Internet Services

              ... PLUS ....

              a massive CAD/CAM/FAE plus Aero/Liquid/Plasma/Magneto-dynamics simulator/calculator PLUS full YottaByte-sized RDBMS / SQL manager PLUS a COMBINED Extended BASIC/Object Pascal/C/C++/JAVA/Python compiler and interpreter PLUS an advanced FPGA/ASIC/CPU/GPU/DSP Chip Designer/Programmer PLUS a GPU and GRID-oriented Genome sequencer and CRISPR editor PLUS a Physics-based Atomic Structures and Molecular Bonds Modeller/Simulator and Materials Database


              also has built-in fully encrypted Lattice/one-time-pad based audio/video/file transfer/whiteboard communications and conferencing!

              It can do EVERYTHING in only a few hundred megs of code!

              Sooooooo, I am kinda busy these days finishing it all off --- probably a month or two more to go before WORLD-WIDE deployment! --- Been working on it for over TEN YEARS NOW! Almost complete!

              Sooooooooooooooo .... as you can see I'm kinda busy these days!


              1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

                Re: Moving On Swiftly and Making a Move Targeting SWIFT ‽

                I look forward, as surely do many others, to enjoying and appreciating the fruits of your labours and beta/penetrations testing your systems, StargateSg7.

                A pleasant change from all of the norms would be most refreshing and even ideally exciting. Bravo.

            2. StargateSg7

              Re: Moving On Swiftly and Making a Move Targeting SWIFT ‽

              I'm designing and running a FULL WBE on our software and hardware --- It's a LOT smarter than I and anyone else will EVER be! Those damn aliens I keep meeting up with WILL NOT tell me their power production, propulsion and Stargate/Wormhole/Portal/Transporter secrets so our WBE is doing it FOR US!

              I can tell you that it is ACTUALLY coming up with viable and WORKABLE and MANUFACTURABLE constructs! I WILL BE GIVING AWAY FOR FREE WORLDWIDE AND FULLY OPEN SOURCE UNDER GPL-3 ALL OF THOSE SECRETS just so you know!


              1. bigphil9009

                Re: Moving On Swiftly and Making a Move Targeting SWIFT ‽

                Well that was an interesting read. A charlatan and a is-he-a-bot-or-an-AI talking nonsense to each other.

                When are you actually going to deliver anything StargateSG7? I've been reading your gibberish for years now, and it's always "just a few months" away...

  9. JDX Gold badge

    the tech uses quasiparticles called non-Abelian anyons, which at the time existed only in theory

    So the ultimate vapourware... building a system on physics you don't even know exists?!

    Pretty fascinating stuff in seriousness.

  10. sreynolds Silver badge

    Is it April 1?

    Even by the Gregorian calendar they are a few days early.

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