back to article Sony Interactive Entertainment pulls PlayStation from Russia

Sony Interactive Entertainment has suspended all software and hardware shipments to Russia and closed the local PlayStation store. Ukraine's vice prime minister and minister for digital transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, suggested the move on March 2. @Xbox @PlayStation You are definitely aware of what is happening in …

  1. Freezus

    War ... huh ... what is it good for?

    Seems the tipping point of large multinationals abandoning Russia has been reached, and decades of socioeconomic development are falling apart at warp speed. The people never win

    1. Blank Reg Silver badge

      Re: War ... huh ... what is it good for?

      When the people repeatedly put an asshole in charge then they eventually suffer the consequences

      1. Freezus
        Big Brother

        Re: War ... huh ... what is it good for?

        You're assuming the people are voting in free and fair elections but they aren't. It's just another example of the people never winning

      2. cupplesey

        Re: War ... huh ... what is it good for?

        America had the free democratic vote to elect an a$$hole to the presidency....countries like Russia, North Korea etc are expected and forced to vote an a$$hole into a dictatorship. They dont have the option to remove them from office since the maximun 2 x 4 year term doesnt exist. Stop blaming the people who have no other choice

        1. Plest Silver badge

          Re: War ... huh ... what is it good for?

          What do you mean? They have a choice, here's a copy of the last Russian ballot paper...


          [ X ] Kind old Uncle Vlad!

          [ ] Some troublemaker we'll be locking up after Vlad wins this.

          [ ] Tick this and you probably won't see your family again!

          Put a cross in one box.


        2. adam 40 Silver badge

          Musk challenges Putin to a fight!

          You saw it here first!

          At this point, we don't know what he's going to hit Putin with, but there are a number of options.

          P.S. If you'd like to look round Putin's Bunker, follow the twatter hashtag #PutinsBunker2022

      3. GrooveCat

        Re: War ... huh ... what is it good for?

        I think you will find that Putin made the unilateral decision to elect himself leader. Elevating himself from Prime Minister to whatever the f**k he is now.

      4. TimMaher Silver badge

        Re: arsehole in charge.

        Did you have to bring Boris into this, so early in the comments?

    2. Danny 2

      Re: War ... huh ... what is it good for?

      Frankie, prepare your thinking cap or have your mind blown!

      Laibach - War (NATO, 1994)

      Formed in Yugoslavia, Laibach were the first Western band to gig in North Korea, mostly playing The Sound of Music hits.

    3. Peter2 Silver badge

      Re: War ... huh ... what is it good for?

      A point which China is probably noticing.

      This may well have caused China's invasion of Taiwan to be shelved, since China now has to take into account the potential of all of these sanctions if they invade.

      They also have to take into account that their 3rd rate knock offs of Soviet tanks will almost certainly fare worse than the Russian originals to anti tank weapons, and the originals are being liberally blown to bits by people with western lightweight anti tank weapons with comic ease. And again; that's the lightweight stuff, not even the more heavyweight vehicle or air mounted kit.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "the minister has continued to write to more tech companies"

    Um, doesn't he have a war to manage ?

    1. Peter2 Silver badge

      Re: "the minister has continued to write to more tech companies"

      That's what he's doing.

      When shooting starts, the minister for digital transformation has very little role to help with the shooting stuff. Pretty much none, in fact. On the other hand, persuading more companies to take part in the "Special Economic Operation" bringing a complete economic and digital transformation to Russia's economy and markets thereby forcing them into ceasing their "Special Military Operation" appears a reasonably productive use of time.

    2. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: "the minister has continued to write to more tech companies"

      @Ukraine on Twitter and similar official accounts been repurposed to get people to bring pressure on US and European governments. Compare and contrast with Russia's jolly in Syria which is still going on and most people have forgotten about.

      And it's rather good to see those fucking tiresome Russian bots beaten at their own game.

    3. Filippo Silver badge

      Re: "the minister has continued to write to more tech companies"

      Yes, he does. Pretty well too, given the circumstances.

  3. Binraider Silver badge

    Why do I have an image of sullen teenagers wearing No Wi-Fi t-shirts...

  4. MiguelC Silver badge

    Putin wants to bring the USSR back

    It's economy is probably already there

  5. Plest Silver badge

    In a word....PR!


    "We don't want to be seen associating our brand with "baby murderers" and psychopaths, that's kind of a tough demographic to make sales figures from according to the marketing dept. So rather than deal with bad PR for the next 12 months we'll just make small effort to cut the supply lines while this all blows over. Rest assured to our shareholders, once those sales opportunities open up again we'll be in there again like a shot ready to make us all a ton of cash again from recovering economies who can barely afford our products without big, big loans...which we will happily finance to you!"

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: In a word....PR!

      It's also a small market with, currently, no ability to pay in hard currency and Sony have a shortage of systems to sell for full retail in the USA and Eu.

      1. sammystag

        Re: In a word....PR!

        Do they make money from selling the consoles? Certainly back in the day Sega as Nintendo didn't. Would expect most of the profits come from selling games to existing owners with a bit from expensive controllers and so on

        1. Shades

          Re: In a word....PR!

          Sony eventually turned a profit on PS4 sales and that has, partially, started to happen with the PS5 (disc version).

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