back to article Azure pulls in front of AWS in public cloud adoption

Microsoft Azure has nosed ahead of AWS in the public cloud adoption stakes, according to a report from IT Management outfit Flexera. The 2022 State of the Cloud Report survey will have brought smiles to the teams at Redmond and Amazon, and less cheer to Oracle's cloud crew, which continued to languish in fourth place behind …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I bet they count all of the computers that they force-installed their software on. I have it on two different machines and neither company uses it.

  2. boblongii

    Like watching Gangrene Spread

    We're trying to get off Azure. It's a disaster - the cli api may or may not work when you need it so everything has to be wrapped in double or triple tries. Some, but not all, restore points mysteriously cause the Azure fabric to crash with "out of memory" errors when you try to restore from them (turns out this is a known problem since before December when a patch failed to fix it - but they didn't tell us that, of course, and they certainly haven't offered any compensation). The price is ridiculous. The support staff often know less than we do.

    We hate opening tickets; it's policy that we do but they waste so much time and rarely result in anything other than a "well, that *is* strange" answer from the morons at MS.

    It's just a bloody joke.

    1. Youngone Silver badge

      Re: Like watching Gangrene Spread

      Really? Oh dear.

      The vast organism I work for has an "everything in the cloud" policy, and we're moving everything to Microsoft's computers.

      Sounds like its going to be fun. To be fair, we have only had two email outages this year so far and neither lasted for more than a couple of hours.


      1. Nafesy

        Re: Like watching Gangrene Spread

        Have used it for years and no such issues. Support was helpful where needed (rare as there's a big community and the documentation is extensive). Either the OP is really unlucky or inept/using it wrong (or works for AWS)

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Like watching Gangrene Spread

          Or you work for M$.....?

        2. GuldenNL

          Re: Like watching Gangrene Spread

          As much hate as I've carried over the years for M$FT in the OS space, I have to agree with you regarding Azure. I've worked with several of the largest companies in several industry verticals as a consultant. I decided to pick up certifications with Azure and AWS as everyone wants to see them.

          I'm extremely surprised with everything we've done with Azure. I can find fault, but truly have more issues with AWS. Never thought I'd be praising s M$FT offering.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Like watching Gangrene Spread

            "...I decided to pick up certifications with Azure and AWS"

            What does that entail, how to log in?

            I've used both and both allow less customization than any given NAS interface. There was a lot of disable/enable options, but the menus reminded me of something you'd see with a paid DNS provider like Cloudflare or a web host like GoDaddy. I guess I was expecting something similar to what I'm used to with a VPS ie. control panel, installing OS, setting OS up with whatever software, CRON'ing post scripts, etc. However, it was most certainly not that, and most certainly not an advanced learning experience, I wouldn't even argue that it was an intermediate experience, more like a novice approach to a beginner's experience. You clearly don't have to know jack all about systems (I guess that's the point... when things are going smooth).

            It seems smug, but a "certification" in either seems more like a piece of paper stating you can read English or whatever language. I didn't like it at all, I had zero control. Hopefully the certifications were free.

            1. GuldenNL

              Re: Like watching Gangrene Spread

              If you're not familiar with the various certifications for either cloud vendor I can't help you. If you are, then you knows they are not very difficult for someone with 35 yrs in IT.

              "Picking up certs" is my way of saying I've never hired based on them as I find them next to useless in gauging knowledge and capability.

              I don't focus on details of managing servers, instances, etc, that's years in my past. I'm focused on overall delivery, ongoing performance and cost. And yes, my employer pays for all training and certs. I haven't bothered to ever be certified in my primary technologies as I'm recognized as an expert by customers & vendors alike. But as everyone here notes, customers are hooked on cloud, so I made the effort to collect the little badges that are worth nothing.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AWS vs GCP

    The gig I'm on right now is making moves to kick AWS out and move to GCP.

    From what I've been told, with the former increasingly sending support and adoption teams that are big on arrogance but low on knowledge, they found that the latter was hungrier and more knowledgeable.

    C-levels actually had a bit of a "first past the post" approach, where they demanded material workloads in the cloud and who got their first wins - and not with some "MVP" shite that falls over first time a customer uses it, is less secure than Windows with the admin password set to "admin" and doesn't think scaling has something to do with fish.

    I'm not quite sure that's a good approach, but it seems to have worked out so far.

    1. Robert Grant

      Re: AWS vs GCP

      I think that is the interesting battle. AWS has incredible scale and first mover advantage, but Google has a lot of things that I would consider very engineer-friendly. It might come down to the next 12 months where GCP is being re-org'd a bit.

  4. Porco Rosso

    AWS OfficeSuite

    Is there a business case for AWS to bring its version/view of Microsoft Office 365 ( and CRM-ERP- HR ) to counter Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace services or is there no business case for them to go in that market ? Will they need to first introduce there own browser based on Chromium ? If they do it lets hope its based/compatibel with LibreOffice ...

  5. Stu J

    Azure is a sack of shit

    The inconsistency of the tooling around it is an absolute joke, and the amount of time it takes for anything to happen is commensurate with a company who push out monthly updates to desktops and servers that can regularly take upwards of 30 minutes to apply.

    Want to tweak a rule on an App Gateway? A good 5-10 minute wait after issuing a command. What the fuck is it actually doing under the hood? Are they printing off an instruction for an ommpa-loompa to collect, and run the length of a building to a specific bit of hardware to manually update it? Because that's what it feels like.

    I wish it was illegal on an anti-trust/monopoly basis to cross-sell and subsidise cloud services based on existing licensing/service agreements, because that's how many of the companies I've worked with have ended up on Azure, and it's very rarely fit for purpose. Fortunately I've yet to come across anyone stupid enough to fall for the Oracle Cloud bait-and-switch, but it's only a matter of time.

    Azure doesn't really deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as AWS and GCP, so much of it is shite barely-better-than-vapourware that barely delivers anything useful, and even when it does it takes 5x longer to accomplish the same tasks as when using AWS/GCP, for absolutely no good reason whatsoever.

    Oh, and if you want to apply some sensible security, then forget using the cheap SKUs, you need the more expensive Premium or Enterprise SKUs. What a load of horseshit, using secure features shouldn't be more difficult and more expensive, thus encouraging people to do a shit job - it should be the default!

    Screw Azure, and screw Microsoft. I used to be a multiple-certified M$ Fanboi earlier in my career, but now if I ever have to use any of their products or services, it makes me want to cry into my coffee.

    1. Nafesy

      Re: Azure is a sack of shit

      Nice try, Jeff B - worried about the fact that Azure is catching up with you? None of the above connects with reality.

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