back to article Spirent ships test kit for 400 and 800Gbps Ethernet

Spirent Communications has announced availability of new test appliances for high-speed Ethernet networks, including what the firm claims is the industry's first 800G test platform. The new platforms comprise the Spirent A1 400G Appliance, B1 800G Appliance, and B2 800G Appliance, which target 400Gbps and 800Gbps Ethernet …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "kind of leveraging that"

    Wtf does that ever mean? When did Leverage become a verb?

    1. captain veg Silver badge

      "What's been interesting about the 400Gbps cycle is obviously the underlying silicon has been used to build 100, 200, and 400Gbps products, right?"

      If it's obvious there's no need to mention it at all.


  2. PRR

    > When did Leverage become a verb?


    Google Books Ngram Viewer 'leveraging'

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That means just that people are misusing it as a verb. Like Putin's use of "no invasion". Say it often enough and it becomes fact (in the minds of some)

    2. captain veg Silver badge

      Leverage is a noun. To lever (participle levering) is a verb.

      Backformation of nouns to verbs is common in English, of course. I suspect that this particular abomination is a consequence of "leverage" being used with a particular technical meaning in finance jargon, leading to a verb form having that same technical significance.

      That doesn't mean that we all have to put up with it.


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