back to article Canada invests in chip and photonics future

The Canadian government is investing CA$240m ($187m) to boost the country's semiconductor and photonics segments in hopes of bolstering its role in the global market. The recently announced investments consist of a new CA$150m ($117m) fund called the Semiconductor Challenge Callout, which will lob loonies to proposals focused …

  1. Rob Davis

    Back to something like the good old days when Nortel was around?

    Good news!

    It generates a feel good sentiment that resembles that during Nortel Networks reign, in a region dubbed Silicon North. Nortel being something big in the opto electronics market with it's fibre optic network hardware.

    This time around, I'd imagine the industry sector is more mature in terms of it's outlook and so would be more likely to avoid any dotcom bubble that posed a challenge to companies including Nortel. I'd hope so.

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