back to article £5bn up for grabs in UK govt G-Cloud 13 framework

The UK government is launching a set of deals for cloud services and software which could be worth up to £5bn ($6.58bn). Under the auspices of G-Cloud 13, the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) – a central government procurement body – has launched the tender for a range of technologies under the fluffy eponymous computing model …

  1. Eclectic Man Silver badge


    I do hope they get the specification correct and understand what they are signing up for before they sign.

    Oh, and maybe they should read:


    The UK government can be prone to signing contracts for major IT projects before it has a good understanding of the requirements, according to a National Audit Office (NAO) director.

    Speaking at a Whitehall event examining priorities for the Central Digital and Data Office, the Cabinet Office's central technology team formed a year ago, Yvonne Gallagher, digital director of the NAO, said engaging commercial partners on major IT projects was "problematic on all sides."


    1. NeilPost Silver badge

      Re: Specifications

      You can have any procurement framework you like… but it does not prevent you acquiring (and having a long term maintenance agreement on) a large bucket of shit.

      You just get an (apparent) competitive price on it.

  2. MikeLivingstone

    Boring cloud means UK needs to invest in innovation

    This is not great news for the UK tech sector.

    The Government must invest in its research facilities, more cash is needed for nation supercomputing, AI and Quantum.

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