back to article SAP continues to support Russian customers

SAP is continuing to support Russian businesses and government-owned organisations as war rages in Ukraine. The German software giant has sold enterprise systems to Sberbank, Aeroflot, and other Russian businesses but, despite the widely condemned invasion of Ukraine, it continues to support such installations. In a statement …

  1. hittitezombie

    No worries

    I am already seeing various ways of punching through these sanctions. Legal minds are busy at work.

    One thing I've noticed is increasing count of UK subsidies so the contracts can be shifted.

    1. Withdrawn

      Re: No worries

      History is full of examples of entities supplying, financing even, both sides of conflicts.

    2. Insert sadsack pun here

      Re: No worries

      "I am already seeing various ways of punching through these sanctions."

      SAP's business in Russia isn't prohibited by the sanctions in place. There's nothing to punch through. That's why they are choosing to stay.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Capitalism at its worst

    The lure of the almighty dollar doesn't care about war or politics.

    Companies, including tech companies, are viewing this as a sales blip. They are almost all planning to minimally comply with sanctions and maintain whatever existing relationships they have so that their businesses can jump back in as soon as they can.

    Pausing software sales doesn't do much. Pausing software support would do a bit more but how many companies here are running antiquated software.

    If you want an effective sanction, have AWS and other database providers lock all Russian data - no write, no read, nothing.

  3. Howard Sway Silver badge

    At the very least

    All future contracts for support and cloudy services should be made to include a clause that states that systems in a country can be immediately stopped, should that country undertake actions such as we are now witnessing.

    1. hoola Silver badge

      Re: At the very least

      Rather like all the insurance policies that exclude acts of war etc......

    2. DoctorPaul

      Re: At the very least

      For companies to say "we can't just stop taking their money, we've got a contract" makes me want to puke.

      Cut them off now and see them in court, one day, maybe.

      While I'm here, can I again plug the idea of making "ghost bookings" on Airbnb for properties owned by individuals in Ukraine.

      I've booked a week in Odessa with Lidiya - won't be turning up obviously, but she will get the money and Airbnb are waiving their fees.

      1. Martin-73 Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        Re: At the very least

        Just make sure for anyone thinking of doing the AirBnB thing, make sure they're genuine, people are arseholes. check previous reviews etc... You just might make someone's day. Make sure it's the right person

        1. DS999 Silver badge

          Re: At the very least

          Yep not only are there scammers trying to take advantage of such generosity, there are probably hackers stealing actual Airbnb profiles and redirecting the payments to their own accounts.

          Hopefully Airbnb are putting some pretty strong protections into place for houses in Ukraine to prevent contact/banking info being changed without some really good verification.

      2. DS999 Silver badge

        Re: At the very least

        Cut them off now and see them in court, one day, maybe

        Exactly! Where they gonna sue? If they sue in Russia, you just ignore it because they can't do anything to a non-Russian company. If they sue in the US/UK/EU then legislators need to pass laws saying such suits will be immediately tossed.

  4. Ian Johnston Silver badge

    "Thomas Watson chose to tabulate the Nazi census, to accept Hitler's medal, and to fight for control of Dehomag. And he made other equally indefensible choices in his years of doing a profitable business counting Jews for Hitler—choices that are described in IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black."


    1. GuldenNL

      Christian Klien, “Hey, at least they’re not NAZIs!”


  5. VicMortimer Silver badge

    As usual, capitalism does what it always does.

    The only way to stop the standard behavior of capitalism is with expanded sanctions. The current package isn't sufficient.

    1. ConsumedByFire

      Re: As usual, capitalism does what it always does.

      I've been wondering since the start of this if targetting the UK sanctions at all Russian nationals rather than certain individuals would create a Russian backlash against Putin (which is whats needed - get the people to get get rid of the madman).

      Would freezing all Russian assets work?

      Given prpopoganda in Russia has indoctrnated them that NATO caused this war then probably not. But its worth thinking about. Plenty of rich Russians will have investments in London they cant afford to lose just cos their overlord lost his stuffing marbles . . . .

  6. Roland6 Silver badge

    "Microsoft has not commented on whether it continues to support existing Russian deployments"

    Bit of a dilemma; they really should stop supporting existing deployments of Windows (desktop), yet the side effect of not getting the updates would mean Russian Windows users would have a more stable desktop..

    Perhaps an appropriate security and feature update would be for MS to include a Tor install for Edge, so by default when users open Edge they get the news from outside Russia splashed across their screens and a Favourites button for the BBC Tor site.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pondering where the line is between assisting an evil regime and siphoning out some cash.

    IBM supplying the machines to administer the burrecratic needs of the holocaust was well on the evil side of the line.

    SAP providing tech support to Aeroflot, less evil, and possibly somewhat effective at increasing pressure, as long as they receive payment in Euros, pounds, or US dollars, it seems like anything that causes outflows of hard currency and no inflows of military importance could hurt Russia in the medium term.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Other tech have pulled the plug

    Other tech firms have done it e.g.

    . IBM: "we have suspended all business in Russia"

    . VMware: "The suspension of operations includes suspension of all sales, support, and professional services"

    What about the others? :-/

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