back to article Russian conflict unlikely to harm global ICT spending, yet

Even without Russia's small drums, the tech investment beat goes on The tech market has plenty of problems to contend with in 2022 and beyond but demand is not currently one of them. What is complicating prognostications for the wider global ICT market, along with the known quantities (inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, etc …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anything that hits the global markets has a ripple effect beyond the immediate and obvious. In the case of the Russian/Ukraine conflict, there are thousands of developers in both nations who used to work for global enterprises in offshore roles; those resources are now busy dealing with embargoes and survival, respectively, not deadlines. So those impacts on those two nations flow well beyond their borders.

    There is more to the importance of a nation than its spending; sometimes its earning levels are more important in the overall perspective on things.

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