back to article Intel creates lite version of vPro management tech

Intel has updated its vPro PC management platform, created a less capable edition, and brought the product to Chromebooks. The "vPro Essentials" package is aimed at SMEs and smaller IT services providers who want management tools for their PC fleets but lack the resources to tool up for enterprise-grade kit. The Essentials …

  1. JassMan

    The Essentials package is a subset of full vPro – which is now known as vPro Enterprise.

    I wonder if Tesco are going to claim trademark infringement over this. Also if they had done the industry standard "Lite" version you could differentiate with vPro E & vPro L, but now you have to do it in full each time you add it to your asset register.

    1. Down not across

      I wonder if Tesco are going to claim trademark infringement over this.

      Shouln't that be Waitrose?

      Now on the actual topic.. remote KVM would be handy, unless that really also requires Windows which makes it rather useless.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are they seriously going after Chromebooks now?

    Wasn't the only redeeming feature of Chromebooks that they run on Coreboot?

  3. rcxb1

    Still Waiting...

    > At the time of writing, Intel had not provided The Register with a list of features omitted from the Essentials package.

    Oh, I see. Well do be sure to let us know when there is an actual story to publish on the topic.

  4. deejinoz

    Intel announced vPro Essentials back at the start of 2021! A year later and the channel and tech media appear to still be in a state of confusion about what's now going on with vPro. This is why vPro took so many years to get any traction in the market. Absolutely hopeless channel engagement from Intel!

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