back to article Oracle, SAP suspend business in Russia amid invasion

Russia, scrambling to deal with economic sanctions imposed in response to its invasion of Ukraine last week and to staunch the hemorrhaging of businesses and talent, will exempt IT companies from taxes for three years and will excuse specialized tech workers from military service. This retention effort takes shape as major …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    OK, less of a sanction then a favor isn't it?

    I mean, a failed SAP rollout might explain the logistical chaos of the Russian invasion, but isn't using Oracle a self punishing crime?

    We should exclude Oracle from the sanctions list because it IS a financial sanction all by itself. Just stick a fat tax on their profits and give them a kickback if they route all the support calls through Langley first.

    1. Dinanziame Silver badge

      Re: OK, less of a sanction then a favor isn't it?

      "In a show of support for Ukraine, Comcast has offered to provide internet service to all of Russia."

      1. David 132 Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        Re: OK, less of a sanction then a favor isn't it?

        Easy there, tiger. Let's leave the crimes-against-humanity to Vlad, shall we?

    2. Herring`

      Re: OK, less of a sanction then a favor isn't it?

      I was thinking that. Oracle shouldn't pull out - it should put people in and do a license audit of the whole country

      1. David 132 Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        Re: OK, less of a sanction then a favor isn't it?

        The Red Army versus Oracle's licence auditing division? Or to put it another way, an unstoppable, mighty, remorseless force that strikes fear into its foes, versus... the red army.

        Not sure I'd want to take bets on that one.

  2. F. Frederick Skitty Silver badge

    "Task ForceKleptoCapture"

    In the US the government and related institutions go out of their way to give operations these descriptive names, whereas in the UK they have random names to improve operational security. While the latter approach is probably better, I do wish in this case they'd called it Task PissOffPutin.

    1. ChrisElvidge

      Operation PissOnPutin?

      Or: Operation PissOnPutin?

      1. WolfFan Silver badge

        Re: Operation PissOnPutin?

        The Orange One would be upset. Golden showers are his kind of thing. Ponies are Vlad the Invader’s kind of thing. (What is it with Russian leaders and equines, anyway? Kate the Great allegedly liked horses, and horsemen; Nicky the Last was a horse’s ass; Vlad likes ponies. Hmm.)

    2. martinusher Silver badge

      Its a lame name but probably descriptive. We don't tax rich people (or corporations) any more so we have to resort to extortion to make up funding shortfalls. (Think of it like this -- KleptoCapture grabs someone's money, that -- after suitable skimming -- goes off to the MIC to buy weapons with which we then ship to Ukraine for Russia to then destroy. Its quite a clever system....but I can't help thinking its got a few flaws.)

  3. GBH

    This includes attempts to bypass restrictions in transacting with Russian finance firms and using cryptocurrency to evade sanctions or launder money.

    This should be valid for China as well

  4. Roland6 Silver badge

    When will the Windows Security Update (Russian) version land?

    Given how much software has to be Internet connected, I would have thought a first line of defence/attack would be to send out an appropriate security update.

  5. Nifty Silver badge

    "tech employees will have the opportunity to receive a favorable mortgage and IT specialists will receive a deferment from military conscription "

    Brains meet brutes. Why does it feel different this time? Got a funny feeling that some of the recent hacks in Russia have been inside jobs. With more to come.

    1. martinusher Silver badge

      Its not so much brains and brutes as where people are best employed. One of the most promising industrial chemists of the early 20th century was a fellow called Mosley who was unfortunately young. He got conscripted and sent to the front. By the time the mistake was realized and a recall was sent out -- about three weeks, I was told -- he was dead.

  6. GuildenNL


    We shouldn’t be surprised that nobody is Russian to be Putin their software into the failed oligarchy.

    Now if we can just get the US government to stop buying oil from Putin & restart the Keystone pipeline.

    1. VicMortimer

      Re: Predictable

      I was with you until the Keystone bit. We don't need that disaster.

  7. rskurat



    How about Operation Boot In Your Nuts?

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