back to article Toyota shutters 14 plants after probable cyberattack

Toyota has closed all 14 plants it operates in Japan due to what it has described as a “system failure” at Kojima Industries Corporation – and local media report the cause of the failure is a cyberattack. Kojima Industries’ is a Toyota subsidiary that manufacturers interior and exterior car parts and participates in Toyota’s …

  1. Potemkine! Silver badge

    The cold war may be back, but in the cyberspace there's a hot one waged now.

  2. Zebo-the-Fat


    Just a question... why "shutters" what's wrong with "shuts"?

    shutters go on windows, it isn't a verb!

    1. KarMann

      Re: Why

      shutter verb

      shuttered; shuttering; shutters

      Definition of shutter (Entry 2 of 2)

      transitive verb

      1: to close by or as if by shutters

      corporations shuttering their production plants
      2: to furnish with shutters
      Sorry, but it just isn't so, and the verb was used in very appropriate fashion here.

      ETA: And I'm pretty sure this isn't a very recent usage as a verb, as is often the case, but I don't have a citation handy to back me up on that.

      ETA²: Ah, the same link I gave above has it going back to 1826.

    2. tiggity Silver badge

      Re: Why


      It's very much a US vs UK usage thing (IMHO ) - I have visited the US once (for work) & don't watch / listen to huge amounts of US film / TV / music, so some common US usages leap out at me too as I have not yet become sufficiently numbed by repeated exposure.

      1. KarMann

        Re: Why

        Coincidentally, this happened to turn up in a quote in The Guardian about Russia shutting down less-cooperative media, just now:

        With our partners, we will continue to condemn Russia’s shuttering [ie closing down] of independent media and technology platforms that refuse to allow Putin to run his disinformation campaigns unchecked.
        So, it looks like they agree with you, and feel the need to explain that to their primarily British audience. Me, I would not have guessed that that was one of the specifically American turns of phrase.

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