back to article Clearview AI plans tech to ID faces as they age, seek big government deals

Controversial facial recognition startup Clearview AI plans to employ more staff in order to pursue big lucrative US government contracts worth many millions of dollars.  CEO Hoan Thon-That told Reuters Clearview's current annual contracts with its 3,100 customers are relatively small. "We know that some of these agencies are …

  1. Paul Kinsler

    "when they learned from the VOA, compared to those that were taught remotely by real experts"

    Hmm. I wonder what might happen if they were taught by both methods; or perhaps even by non-remote experts.

    Since different students tend to learn best in different ways, a range of approaches can give better overall results.

  2. veti Silver badge

    What about the control group?

    Did the ones who got no help do better or worse than the other two groups? And by how much?

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