back to article Lost Ark: A pulpy Korean MMO-lite for idle hands

Greetings, traveller, and welcome to The Register Plays Games, our monthly gaming column. For this edition, we're back in MMO territory and, yes, Amazon is involved. Amazon Games' New World was a huge launch for the fledgling studio, but a few months down the line and the new MMORPG* hotness was coming apart at the seams. …

  1. Infi 1

    No Linux Proton Support

    I would play Lost Ark, but the developers (or Amazon) have specifically excluded Linux users at this point in time even though it's 'apparently' as simple as flipping a couple of switches for EAC support and dropping a single file into the distribution.

    There are varying arguments of whether it is actually that simple, and there are two different versions of EAC, both of which 'should' enable Lost Ark to work on Proton.

    If they ever bother to implement these, seemingly simple, changes I'll give it a bash; else life goes on. I'm certainly never installing Windows again just for a game.

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Trenjeska

    WHere is the paragraph about the effectivly BANned status is certain countries?

    The article seems to forget the self-imposed non-issuing of this game in Belgium and The Netherlands.

    Which just equals a BAN in other wording.

    1. Excellentsword (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: WHere is the paragraph about the effectivly BANned status is certain countries?

      It wasn't relevant to my experience, being in the UK. The game won't come out in those jurisdictions due to their regulations around random rewards from loot boxes.

  4. Jedit Silver badge

    You forgot to mention the colossal sexism

    I gave Lost Ark a try. I thought I'd play a Gunslinger as I liked the idea. Gunslingers have to be female, and after rolling my eyes a bit at some of the outfits I was able to pick out a modest-looking suit that I could play without feeling like I should personally be wearing a grubby raincoat.

    The game begins, and lo! my character is now wearing a low cut blouse and leather micro-shorts like a porn parody of Lara Croft. I play through the prologue thinking "well, this is just starter gear and I'll get the outfit I selected in creation soon". Nope. I played to the end of the prologue and I'm still looking like a weeaboo wank fantasy. Also every cut scene is following my character at arse-level as she wiggles her butt with every step, and other characters in those cut scenes are watching her that way as well.

    Logged out, uninstalled, deleted from Steam library. There is absolutely no excuse for this in modern gaming.

    1. Excellentsword (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: You forgot to mention the colossal sexism

      I didn't forget. I said it "passes muster less and less among Western studios" under the bit about gender-locked classes and how women are represented.

    2. Juillen 1

      Re: You forgot to mention the colossal sexism

      That, of course, discounts the fairly sizeable set of women who actually love to have avatars dressed up like that. I've been playing MMOs for decades, and know more women who are fans of it than decry it (by a significant margin).

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