back to article Kyndryl completes hyperscaler trifecta with AWS partnership

Kyndryl, the infrastructure services business spun out from IBM last year, has signed a money-making deal with Amazon Web Services to help customers navigate cloud transformation. The move means that Kyndryl now has agreements in place with all three of the major cloud providers. The spin out of Kyndryl from IBM came after …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What value do they add?

    All I’m seeing is more announcements and vapor. When even bungling fools like DXC have beaten you to the most gullible, I suppose the next step is to go after the people who are dumping DXC.

    Bypassing the fire for a hotter frying pan is innovation, dammit!

  2. rcxb1

    Kyndryl? I'd run the other way. Why pay top-dollar prices for overworked, entry-level Indian techs? The seemingly proficient pre-sales technicians disappear. Then... prepare to be ignored.

    I can't tell you how many times our sites were down ALL DAY, over and over again, until we informed them their systems had a problem. Each time we were assured they've got all the monitoring in-place properly THIS TIME. And then it happens again... and again... and again. Most recently, they suddenly switched to using an old, expired SSL certificate for our site... until one of our processes errored and once again we were notifying them our site is down.

    And that's all AFTER we worked through and sorted out all the ways they misconfigured our site and could not figure out the problems (they caused) on their own. The lack of knowledge of, or interest in, our systems was astounding. It seems you get the exact OPPOSITE of what you pay for; as small, cheap shops show a bit of motivation and initiative. All we got was a lot of long conference calls where they ask us basic technical questions, and then forget all the work they were going to do until moments before the next call.

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