back to article Cloudflare buys anti-phishing business Area 1 for $162m

Krazy Glue of the internet Cloudflare has buffed up its email security with the purchase of anti-phishing firm Area 1. Area 1 Security is all about pre-emptively tracking phishing campaigns and preventing customer mailboxes being troubled thanks to its INBOX.CLEAN product. Cloudflare introduced an Advanced Email Security …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge

    If only ...

    "built to tackle email spoofing and phishing, and could be used to create DNS records to stop malicious emails being sent on behalf of a customer's domain"

    Yes, and we've suffered from the poor discrimination of such tools (probably this one included) on several occasions, when they've arbitrarily decided our perfectly legitimate emails are spam and blocked all our subsequent emails. It's darned hard to fix the problem as its triggered on the recipient side and one commonly doesn't find out it's happened without a lot of investigation. Then it's hard to undo.

    The trend of farming of security monitoring and management to third party tools would be fine if the tools were good enough, but there are currently far too many false positives. They may protect business A from spam, but they sure harm business B in the process.

    1. Rihan

      Re: If only ...

      This reply caused me to sign up.

      All domains should have an SPF and DMARC record. If you mess up configuring the SPF record and set your DMARC to block then of course your emails will be rejected.

      This is not discrimination from the tools. This is them doing exactly what they're meant to do. It's user configuration error.

      Cloudflare's Email DNS wizard makes it much easier for people to secure their domain from email spoofing by creating these records. I'm sure malicious user spoofing email to come from business A's domain will cause a massive amount of harm.

  2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Weird synergy

    I'd think that a good anti-phishing strategy would be blocking e-mails with links eventually leading to a website hiding behind Cloudflare.

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