back to article Big banks will blaze the enterprise GPT-3 AI trail

It is hard to ignore the buzz around massive language models like GPT-3. These are not your typical natural language processing (NLP) engines that power enterprise chatbots or call centers. This is a dramatic step forward, one that makes traditional NLP output look like a simple parroting back of trained answers. GPT-3 can …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Better late than never to the future

    Tell me about it. We can compare notes. Have you any idea what IT can do .... ideally for you rather than to you? It is a great difference it is wise to be fully aware of. And if you have any secrets, steer well clear of the facility/utility/ability for IT doesn't guarantee secrets remain secret and generally unknown.

  2. ShadowSystems

    Be careful what you wish for.

    You just may get it. A computer able to replace all those low-level peons at the bottom of the corporate ladder will eventually be able to replace the ones at the top. Do you really want to invest in your own reduction into uselessness?

  3. cyberdemon Silver badge

    Financial Services

    Yes, I am sure this would be extremely useful for people who wish to automate fraud and 419 scams without any human call centre operators involved, who might speak in a foreign accent or (worse) might turn out to have a moral compass. They could even apply the perfect "conversion optimisation" to their automated calls, and soon we will have AI that learns how to blackmail people.

    1. steelpillow Silver badge

      Re: Financial Services

      Indeed. Moreover the acute scammer can claim in court that they merely posted experimental code on their website, it's not their fault that Google's AI scraped it and sold it on to the bank's AI, which then unexpectedly started paying them billions from accounts they knew nothing about.*

      *Note that this scenario involves a high level of discretion and arbitrary action granted to the AIs and a pisspoor security architecture across the board. But tell me what's new about that.

  4. sreynolds

    So they are adding more and more layers...

    SO when you want to talk to a real person you will have to fight the AI. Is this point just to stop you from doing anything useful?

    1. steelpillow Silver badge

      Re: So they are adding more and more layers...

      You already have to at Epson. It won't let you talk to a human being unless and until you type in all your personal data. A great reason to buy HP or Canon.

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