back to article ServiceNow preps mobile apps for real-time transformation tracking

ServiceNow will soon release mobile apps that allow real-time tracking of metrics, so business leaders can see the progress of digital transformation initiatives. The apps will be companions to Impact – a product ServiceNow announced last month. It diverges from ServiceNow's usual offerings in measuring the results of its core …

  1. Down not across Silver badge

    Track me not

    Which is where the mobile apps come in. Fipps claimed they'll literally track progress against corporate performance indicators in real time, and that ready access to those metrics will be welcomed by users.

    If they tracked how slow the platform (could be down to implementation/configuration) is and how much time is wasted on using it perhaps, however we all know that will be yet another "Are we there yet?" as we don't have enough already with phone and various IM solutions.

    So might be welcomed by manglement, but unlikely to be welcomed by any actual users.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  2. W.S.Gosset Silver badge


    > one element of that support [is] a "bat-phone"

    So, their support stinks?

    (So bad you can taste it)

  3. steve_reg

    Office building

    Is it me, or does that office look exactly like Reynholm Industries from the IT crowd?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    "you are always asking the question 'Where are we on the journey?'

    Taoist management doesn't exist. In real life actual managers are always asking the question "How can I cut costs."

    The ability to drill down to see workflow bottlenecks and outsource them will be welcomed by management. If the could drill down to individuals and fire them, they'd pay extra.

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