back to article SonicWall CEO on ransomware: Every good vendor was hit in past 2 years

SonicWall's annual cyber-threat report shows ransomware-spreading miscreants are making hay and getting quicker at doing so. "I think we're in an arms race," CEO Bill Conner told The Register. "It's the good guys versus the bad guys. And as good as the good guys are, over the last two years, every good vendor ... has been hit …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Everything is a paid for extra

    Stopped using sonicwall, when all their energy went in to paid extras. You don't get bug fixes for crappy code unless you pay for a support contact. Virtually every feature is a paid extra.

    Even cisco gives most bug fixes free if you raise a case and quote the issue number.

    I have a 10 year old Mikrotik VPN router with all the features included and it still gets every new release for free. It's also not user / bandwidth limited like sonicwall and capable of nearly 1Gb throughput even though it's a decade old.

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      1. Warm Braw

        Re: Everything is a paid for extra

        Can't find any evidence regarding bandwidth, but the following seems to apply to users:

        The SonicWall SMA and SRA appliances are licensed for a specified number of concurrent devices / connections, but you can expand this by purchasing additional users


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