back to article Interpol: Policing model needs to change with cybercrime

The digitalisation of the global workforce in the face of a pandemic has led criminals to upgrade their working model, and now law enforcement must too. Interpol cybercrime director Craig Jones set forward this idea at Acronis's #CyberFit Summit in Singapore on Thursday, dispelling the stereotype of a lone threat actor in a …

  1. AdamWill

    That Interpol?

    This would be the Interpol that's run by a murderer, right?

  2. ShadowSystems

    Going after digital crimes?

    If you're going to go after Ransomeware-As-A-Service style crimes, can you please start with Microsoft & arrest them for what they've done with Win10/11? Thanks.

    1. MrMerrymaker

      Re: Going after digital crimes?

      You'll get up votes but seriously I think all the scam calls people get are worse

      Not to mention heroin dealer crypto

      Or Russian digital warfare..

  3. Allan George Dyer
    Paris Hilton

    Nice to see Craig Jones is realising that cybercrime is organised, but what is he doing as Interpol's cybercrime director if he didn't already know this ten years ago, or earlier? Many of his subordinates and colleagues in other agencies must be far better qualified for the position.

    Or does he think the only way to get people to listen is to trot out the stereotypes he claims to be dispelling?

  4. Totally not a Cylon

    GDPR compliment?

    But how will the EU ensure it's citizens' data is kept private?

    (font face="Comic Sans MS" size=7 color="fuchsia" ). /sarcasm alert!?!?!?!?!?!

    {obvious enough?}

  5. sitta_europea Silver badge


    "Interpol: Policing model needs to change with cybercrime"

    Have they only just worked that out?

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: Really?

      Or, to put it another way, no shit, Sherlock.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Craig Jones forgot to mention the recent crimes of PC Plod......

    ..... but we HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!!!!

    Yup.....murder, rape, assassination, racist, sexist, and homophobic tweets......and that's what we know about!!!

    Trust? Yes....I've heard of it!!!

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