back to article AWS and Elasticsearch settle trademark infringement lawsuit

The dispute between AWS and Elastic looks to be over, with Elastic saying the trademark infringement lawsuit is "resolved." "Now the only Elasticsearch service on AWS and the AWS Marketplace is Elastic Cloud," said Elastic. For its part, Amazon Web Services has begun stripping the term "Elasticsearch" from its website, …

  1. DJV Silver badge

    Was that a case of Amazon stretching things a bit too far and getting pinged back?

  2. FeepingCreature Bronze badge

    The taste of something rotten in text form

    Elastic claim that Elastic is still "free and open":

    > Neither the Elastic License nor SSPL have been approved by the OSI, so to prevent confusion, we no longer refer to Elasticsearch or Kibana as open source. We updated our website and our messaging to refer to these products as “Free & Open,” and when talking about the licenses directly, we describe them as “source-available.” If you notice an area we missed, please let us know, so we can correct it.

    > While we have chosen to avoid confusion by not using the term open source to refer to these products, we will continue to use the word “Open” and “Free and Open.” These are simple ways to describe the fact that the product is free to use, the source code is available, and also applies to our open and collaborative engagement model in GitHub. We remain committed to the principles of open source - transparency, collaboration, and community.

    -- FAQ:

    In other words: "we don't want to drop our nice marketing, so we're going to redefine "free" and "open" so that we can keep using them while neither being free software nor open source."

    Office Open XML, anyone?

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