back to article AMD, DoiT to help Google Cloud customers optimize for Epyc

AMD has partnered with DoiT International on a program aimed at helping Google Cloud customers optimize their off-prem workloads to obtain the best performance, cost and security, at least for workloads running on AMD silicon. DoiT and AMD today said they aim to provide Google Cloud customers with the tools, technology and …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Long overdue. I'm quite impressed with the Zen-based 5900x consumer-grade processor I have. I just need to find some ECC memory compatible with the motherboard to replace what I have. I just don't trust non-ECC memory any more; I've had too many problems with the consumer stuff over the years, no matter what kind of quality or price point it was purchased at. Even top-tier providers get "iffy" as the years go by, especially under a heavy 8-core build cycle in a VM. :)

    Just on a side-slam at consumer-grade stuff, I saw Kingston bragging that their sticks are 3 times as fast as SATA3. Big whoop. If I recall correctly, what I have is 6 times SATA3 speeds, and there are now 8x NvMe sticks out in the wild now (Crucial, for a price.) Of course if you have no price constraints, you can always opt for a fat Optane stick. :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "...I just need to find some ECC memory..."

      Did the 5900x change? Prior to that model at least, AMD's desktop CPU's were compatible but didn't use any ECC features (like plugging a USB 2.0 cable into a 3.0 port... just compatible). You might want to research this as there was reports a few years back that ECC made performance noticeably worse if errors actually occurred (around 10-15% worse) and didn't correct anything.

      1. KSM-AZ

        All AMD ryzen support ECC

        Yep.... all of them. The 'PRO' models are 'certified', but all the cpu's work with ECC. Must be unbuffered ecc, not registered. And I've got a pair of 3600's running it, and one of them just started complaining about corrections about 2 weeks ago... So I'm gonna replace the RAM as soon as I scrounge up the 500 for a pair of 32's.

        Note: Motherboard BIOS must also support it.

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