back to article Nebulon adds Ansible support for infrastructure deployment

Nebulon has integrated its smartInfrastructure platform with Red Hat's Ansible software – including a set of modules that allow users to automate Nebulon infrastructure deployment and management by using Ansible Playbooks. The Nebulon Ansible Collection, when combined with the firm's Nebulon ON cloud-based control plane used …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) or traditional three-tier server infrastructure"

    Go on, just one more word and I'll be able to call 'House' on my buzzword bingo play card!

    (Also, isn't Nebulon one of Bender's drug-ingesting gambling buddies? Yeah, bite my shiny metal ass…)

  2. Dante Alighieri

    Ender or Ged

    Ansible - Orson Scott Card was there earlier?

    Hi Jane. (reading the whole lot at the minute)

    Oops, Ursula K Le Guin got there first. By a long way. '66

    Or instantaneously.

    The Earthsea Quartet (not quadrilogy) is also my shelves. And has nothing to do with Ansible. New opportunities.

  3. Brad16800

    Boss: I want to do Windows updates via Ansible

    Me: We could just use WSUS and a GPO, i can have it done in half a n hour

    Boss: no I want to use Ansible

    (i've limited Linux experience and never heard of Ansible at this point)

    After a week I'd gotten all Windows servers talking to Ansible (Cred SSP) and a playbook to do Windows updates.

    Sure it's interesting but personally I think it's right tool for the job and lets not waste time.

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