back to article IBM Consulting assimilates cloud firm for Azure expertise

IBM has acquired Neudesic, a US cloud consultancy services firm specialising in Microsoft's Azure platform, as part of a continued drive to expand the company's growth in hybrid multicloud services. According to IBM, Neudesic's cloud and data consultants will join IBM Consulting's own hybrid cloud services business, boosting …

  1. aerogems Bronze badge

    So what happens when

    All the consultants who know anything of any value are dinobabies who get pushed out? If you're going to do consultancy work, what you know is everything and, nothing against younger people, but they haven't had the time to learn as much.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: So what happens when

      Neudesic is exactly the kind of consultancy that laid-off IBMers would move to... and would flourish once freed from IBM's stilting bureaucracy and life-sapping HR hoops to jump through.

      1. trevorde Silver badge

        Re: So what happens when

        Queue Resource Actions in 3.. 2.. 1..

      2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: So what happens when

        >Neudesic, a US cloud consultancy services firm

        >Neudesic has more than 1,500 cloud and data experts ... in India

        So is this just a cheap Indian bodyshop operation with a brass plaque somewhere in Delaware ?

        Is this just a way for IBM to offshore a lot of jobs without getting unwanted attention

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sheer hubris

    It been Massiv pushed out their services along with the dinobabies hoping that the eggs dey bought will hatch into chickens. Soon KFC and MicDs and ChikFilay can have their bumper salesz ? Wats left ? Zzzz ? Powaahh?

    They kant keep talent kant train talent and probably kant afford to pay for top talent.

    1. MrBanana Silver badge

      Re: Sheer hubris

      Looks like someone found the non-diet cola. Probably time for bed now.

  3. MrBanana Silver badge

    They don't care

    As with all IBM acquisitions.

    They don't care about the company.

    They don't care about their people.

    They don't care about their products.

    They only care about the figure it will add to IBM's "growth", and being able to pillage another customer list.

  4. Korgonzolla

    The major issue here is not knowing what IBM cloud offering is even named.

    1. mistersaxon

      It's called IBM Cloud - our branding is so pervasive and subtle that you use it without being able to help yourself! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cower before the might of the IBM marketing machine!! We called one of our operating systems "i" - just a lower-case i so that you CAN'T EVEN GOOGLE IT. FEAR US, PUNY HUMANS!!

  5. msobkow Silver badge

    "Gee, what kind of tecnology and big-money projects can we screw up next?"

  6. spold Silver badge


    ...for the ones over 40 - we will take them out back and put them up against the wall.

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