back to article Akamai buys Linode for $900m

Internet content delivery concern Akamai has announced it will acquire junior cloud Linode for about $900m. Linode positions itself as a cloud built by, and for, developers, and offers hyperscale services at prices that undercut larger cloud providers. The American-based biz operates eleven data centers spread across America, …

  1. wolfetone Silver badge

    "Aker said the deal will change nothing for Linode users"

    You'll excuse me if I don't believe it, won't you?

    1. To Mars in Man Bras!
      Thumb Down

      Oh Dear!

      Long term Linode customer here. Came here to express similar sentiments.

      Experience has taught me that the more excited about a take-over/merger/buyout the CEOs of the companies involved are --the more depressed I should be.

      1. Chris Fox

        Re: Oh Dear!

        Looks like a good time to review and refresh those contingency plans!

        1. ortunk

          Re: Oh Dear!

          I've been very happy so ling I don't want to move...

          Sigh, off to searching aternaties (as per the coat suggests)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ho Hum !!!!

    "natural synergy between Akamai and Linode."

    Whenever I see the '"natural synergy" line being used, I expect that 'everything' will change just not straight away !!!

    I would like some Founder/CEO to just admit I took the money because ..... $ X 'lots of zeros' !!!

    It is a good reason and somewhat more truthful.


  3. emag

    I've been a Linode user since 2007. I don't necessarily want to jump ship, but I'm keeping my options open.

  4. Missing Semicolon Silver badge

    TIme for the same-old

    "prices are 'changing'"

    "regretfully sunsetting $SERVICE_YOU_RELY_ON"

    "New cloud service!" -> Old service, not as good, more expensive, less useful.

    "Next part of Journey"


  5. Bitsminer Bronze badge


    Linode is forecast to add $100m to FY2022 revenue for Akamai

    And the sale price is $900M. So, a 9:1 price/sales ratio. Cheeep.

    (Note to readers: M means mega. "m" means something else).

    1. Tilda Rice

      Re: P/S


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