back to article Nutanix reshuffles product portfolio into bigger bundles

Nutanix has rearranged its portfolio by placing different tools into newly named bundles and buckets, and creating different tiers for the new products. If you're a Nutanix customer and don't want to change the way you interact with the company, or pay for its wares, feel free to stop reading now because current arrangements …

  1. NoneSuch Silver badge
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    Just decommed our last Nutanix cluster. We ran three for five years. Losing 25% of our host resources to run their agent is just ridiculous.

    Won't be going back soon. Way too complex of a system and far too many RMA's during firmware patching taking hosts down during routine maintenance.

    1. jtaylor Bronze badge

      "25% of our host resources to run their agent is just ridiculous."

      I assume you mean their Controller VM, which uses 4 CPU cores and 32GB RAM (depending on features), per cluster node. If that's 1/4 of your virtualization farm, ouch.

      The complexity is real. It helps to be familiar with Linux (especially KVM) and cloud concepts like object storage and metadata. Beneath their shiny UI, they use Hadoop for storage and OpenVSwitch for networking. I'm surprised your firmware updates were that bad. If you take one node offline at a time, even if that node breaks, your VMs should be fine.

      I've been using it at work for a few years, and like it enough to use it for my VM lab at home. It sure isn't for everyone, and the "hybrid cloud" mentality isn't a perfect match for regular VM workloads, but there's a lot to like. Their REST API is great for automating cloud-like jobs.

      I hope this isn't just a cover to raise their prices.

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