back to article Chip CFOs get a crash course in silicon geopolitics

Chief financial officers at chip companies are getting a crash course in global dynamics as component shortages and a highly charged semiconductor leadership battle between countries determine business decisions. The fundamentals of the microchip business haven’t changed, though its CFOs have to be – if they are not already – …

  1. richdin

    Learned our lesson yet?

    Need to re-establish onshore the capabilities for production - including returning to older technologies (reopen fabs from previous generations) - to get the capacity online and remove the dependence on foreign production with interruptible supply chains. Do we really need the latest and smallest for most of the products? Even if it cost slightly more - not having ready inventory of chips impacts everyone.

    1. badflorist Bronze badge

      Re: Learned our lesson yet?

      I'm in the USA and we have the room here, but it will be harder for smaller countries. Even though there's room here, there's a significant amount of pollution related to this type of fabrication.

      That $52 billion will have the most impact in fabricating luxury yachts and everyone knows it.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I believe it was Warren Buffett who said that CFO's are a commodity easily replaceable, and that the only time a company is in trouble if their CFO dies suddenly is if their death unveils malfeasance.

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