back to article AMD, Xilinx complete world's biggest semiconductor merger thanks to stock boom

AMD has officially taken over FPGA maker Xilinx in what is, thanks to rising share prices, the biggest acquisition in the history of the chip industry. The x86 processor giant completed the all-stock $49bn takeover of Xilinx on Monday. In 2020, AMD announced it had agreed to acquire the company in a deal back then worth $35bn …

  1. Mark Exclamation

    Not sure why we're looking for approval from the Chinese government for the merger of two American companies. I doubt the Chinese government would look for approval from anyone else for the same type of transaction between two Chinese companies.

    1. HildyJ Silver badge

      I suspect it was because Xilinx is supplying the chips for Baidu's EdgeBoard.

    2. Ken Hagan Gold badge

      Probably because those two US companies might not be able to do business in China if the local authorities say no.

      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Also there's the not insignificant risk of Chinese buyers being suddenly deprived of both sets of product lines, should their government decide to escalate their Taiwanese posture from willy waving to dicking about.

  2. andrewmm

    It had to happen

    After Intel purchased Altera

    it had to happen

    The Altera take over went well ( NOT )

    Altera are now well behind the curve, not least due to the silicon lab problems of Intel,

    but also IMHO the way Intel do not understand the FPGA business,

    From what I have seen so far,

    AMD are at least not fab constrained,

    but have already during the take over,

    devastated the Xilinx support system,

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