back to article Sri Lanka to adopt India’s Aadhaar digital identity scheme

Sri Lanka has decided to adopt a national digital identity framework based on biometric data and will ask India if it can implement that nation’s Aadhaar scheme. The island nation had previous indicated it would work with the Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP), an organisation based in India that offers tools …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tech transfer or haxx0rs

    SriLanka in massive China CCP debt trap requesting tech transfer from India .... Against whom China CCP is waging a protracted offensive on all fronts and now a backdoor.

    We should be banning all CCP funded terror orgs from our shores and nearshore places.

  2. Raj

    Eh ?

    > In 2021 Aadhaar was even trialed for real-time identification of Indians as they waited in queues for COVID-19 jabs .

    "Trialed" ? It's not in trial mode, it's been in production use since last spring - you can just go over to and see all the 1.7 billion+ vaccinations registered to Aadhaar IDs plus rich analytics around near-live vaccination counts, daily totals, breakdown by type, age group, vaccine type and more.

    It's also how everyone gets their digital certificates - one uses their Aadhaar linked phone and gets the QR code and copy of vaccination record.

    Aadhaar isn't just an ID. It's an entire digital ecosystem.

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