back to article Toshiba decides Twoshiba's the best strategy, cans plan to create Threeshiba crowd

Japanese tech giant Toshiba has abandoned its plan to break the company into three parts, opting for a strategy to split into two parts. Toshiba's had a torrid few years as an accounting scandal, a governance scandal saw senior executives depart and private equiteers take a crack at poaching the company while it was wounded. …

  1. Lon24 Silver badge

    Done a Nokia

    Oh the days when Tosh was a badge of reliable quality commanding a premium. To laptops what Apple is now. It lingers on. Indeed nearly every HotUKDeal for Kioxia SSDs has a reminder "it's really a Tosh".

    Trashed the company, trashed its market. It takes a special kind of management hubris to succeed in this. Who will be the next one?

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "Management listened"

    Well duh, when the investors speak, manglement had better listen.

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