back to article Tiny Uber offshoot tries to do for data lakes what Snowflake did for data warehousing

Tiny Californian startup Onehouse has won $8m in seed funding from which it hopes to grow a business worthy of taking on the giants of data engineering. In a move parallel to the one pulled by multibillion-dollar cloud data warehouse slinger Snowflake, the firm founded from an Uber engineering project is offering data lake …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Interesting . . . but

    Like so many startups, this is an interesting idea but it seems to be a case of champagne life on a beer budget.

    It is unclear what the advantage of a data lake would be; even more unclear what companies would be interested; and totally opaque why a company would trust the keys to its data to a startup like Onehouse.

    Maybe a second round of funding will let them build out the concept but I suspect the end goal is not a product but a buyout by one of the data behemoths.

  2. Gordon 10

    The're a bit late to the Party

    No-one except Web 3.0 darlings with megascale are building on Hadoop anymore. Because old school relational (MS, Oracle) and new skool relational (Snowflake) are good enough to cover off most Lake use cases as well these days.

    Besides there have been a couple of Hadoop as SAAS/Managed Service products around for years. BlueData and Cazena/Cloudera SAAS.

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