back to article Joined up thinking: Europe to oversee trio of projects for homegrown chips, HPC gear

Efforts in Europe to devise sovereign chips has picked up the past two months, with the European Union now coordinating three separate campaigns to make homegrown processors and supercomputer-grade systems. An EU initiative called the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking this month said it has selected three …

  1. Jason Hindle

    Somewhat late to the party

    One of those areas where it is easier to keep up, than to catch up, I think.

    1. Lars Silver badge

      Re: Somewhat late to the party

      With that attitude it's always too late.

      Glad they want to invest.

      1. unimaginative Bronze badge

        Re: Somewhat late to the party

        I agree. Lots of countries have caught up in lots of indistries. Taiwanese fabs, Korean consumer electronics, Japanese cars....

        Given how the technology has developed, the more countries that can supply chips, especially CPUs, the better for eveyone's supply chains an security.

  2. unimaginative Bronze badge

    Europe or EU?

    The article keeps refering to Europe and "continent" but it looks to me like an EU project. Are Russia (40% of Europe's land area and 15% of population), Turkey, Norway, Switzerland etc. involved ? Is there any UK involvement beyond ARM collecting some royalties?

    Yes, I am fussy about terminology.

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