back to article OpenStack-to-the-edge darling StarlingX hits 6.0, makes useful config tweaks

StarlingX, an open-source platform for edge computing based on OpenStack, has hit release 6.0 with a Linux Kernel upgrade plus security and deployment enhancements to make it easier to manage systems. The StarlingX project offers a complete software stack for edge and IoT deployments, with support for code running in …

  1. Caver_Dave Silver badge

    Wind River Studio is more than StartlingX

    StarlingX is a component within the Wind River Studio portfolio, which covers developers (e.g. WR Linux, VxWorks), deployment, operators (e.g. 5G RAN, StarlingX) - basically the whole lifecycle (IoT to backend) - employing digital twins, analytics and advanced security.

    I don't want to write an advertisement, you can look up Wind River Studio yourself.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just come across this article after searching for different StarlingX topic, but i have two questions people here may be able to answer? StarlingX appears to be heavily tied to Intel-based tin, with docs have feature requirements that frequently only state Intel CPUs even though K8S & OpenStack are more than happy on AMD. Is that genuinely the case, or does the documentation need to be changed? Second one - is there any commercial support out there other than Wind River? To adopt, we would have to show at least three different support providers to keep procurement people happy …..

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