back to article Exasol pledges to help customers avoid cloud bill shock with new DBaaS

Distributed in-memory analytics specialist Exasol has launched a database-as-a-service claiming its approach to parallel processing could help reduce nasty shocks in cloud fees. According to the vendor, users buying the software-as-a-service get the ability to scale both vertically and horizontally while Exasol manages hot and …

  1. cschneid

    chasing chargeback algorithms

    If you're going to reduce costs by chasing the chargeback algorithm, you must commit to chasing the chargeback algorithm. Whatever dance you do around the edges of the rules, you must be prepared to alter your steps as the rules are altered. And you are in control of neither the nature nor the rate of change.

    There's more here but it's primarily mainframe-focused, which tells you how long this issue has been extant.

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