back to article Prince of Packaging HP Inc snaps up zero-plastic bottle maker

Paragon of packetry HP has acquired Choose Packaging, inventor of a zero-plastic paper bottle. Choose's patented tech can hold a variety of liquids and represents an alternative to plastic bottles. "There are more than 150 million tons of single-use plastics produced each year," said the printer and laptop maker, "and HP …

  1. Warm Braw

    A zero-plastic paper bottle...

    ... containing the magenta tears of 3 cochineal bugs.

    Or, alternatively, you could contemplate indefinitely refilling plastic cartridges with endless quantities of cheap coloured liquids.

  2. b0llchit Silver badge

    No plastics from HP anymore, good.

    But the number of paper bottles required for one program may be quite a challenge. Good they only send a 256 bit digital key. The key comes in stacks and trays with bottles on a pallet. Some bottles with a liquid (representing a "one") and many empty bottles (representing a "zero"). This makes the order of unpacking a bit [of a] hazard. Luckily, HP mentioned the extensive use of RS codes to do erratic unpacking correction. Unfortunately, that means that the 256 bit key is packed in a 512 bit packed stream. Oh well, lets hope it still works.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Sun would have sent individual pallets containing a US power lead (=0) and then a separate pallet containing a UK lead (=1)

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Seriously we once got a localization kit for our SPARC's, a bunch of pallet sized flat boxes each containing a single UK power lead.

  3. Mayday

    I like it

    But let's get it to:

    - Wrap pallets of boxes

    - Replace polystyrene foam in boxes

    - Store "things"

    etc etc

  4. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    HP Sauce

    in these bottles?

  5. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge


    High Prices

  6. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Now with authenticity chips

    CP - No plastics

    HP - Yawn

    CP - Eco friendly

    HP - Whatevs

    CP - Non-refillable

    HP - Take my money!

  7. Schultz

    Advertisement Gold

    Please beware of the likes that sell you all-natural stuff in big print. No-plastic bottle? Sure, but there may be a lot of processing and chemistry involved in getting that "It's Not-Plastic" to hold water. Whether that is environmentally friendly or economically sensible can be hard to tell because all you get is the Advertisement Information Package.

    A relative, who at the time was running research in a big manufacturer of aroma and fragrances explained: "We develop all-natural processes to create all those artificial flavors, because the manufacturers want the 'all natural' label. Lot's of extra chemistry, wasted energy, and effort." That's because you have to come up with 'certified, all natural' ingredients for your chemical reactions. It's still chemistry, but you replace graphite with charcoal, ...

    Most of it is a big scam and the bigger the Ad-Print, the bigger the volume of hot air that needs to be covered. Note, I don't have any particular information on Choose Packaging and maybe their technology is great. But I won't believe it until I see a deeper analysis of what they do.

    1. vtcodger Silver badge

      Re: Advertisement Gold

      On top of which, I think it's unlikely that any packaging that reliably holds liquids for more than a few hours is going to be biodegradable. And, unlike some plastics, it probably won't be recyclable. More landfill material I expect.

    2. juice

      Re: Advertisement Gold

      > A relative, who at the time was running research in a big manufacturer of aroma and fragrances explained: "We develop all-natural processes to create all those artificial flavors, because the manufacturers want the 'all natural' label.

      One of my pet peeves are the food and drinks which proudly claim to have "no artificial flavourings", but which are then stuffed with sweetner.

      After all, said sweetner is both artificial and added purely for the flavour!

      Mind you, there's also the "juice drink" stuff, which is fruit juice that's been watered down and then boosted back up with some of the aforementioned sweetners. Ugh.

      Admittedly, I'm a touch biased, since I'm one of the people for whom sweetners tend to leave a bitter aftertaste...

  8. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    These drinks...

    Are they palatable/palletable?

  9. Yet Another Hierachial Anonynmous Coward

    Cisco packaging

    I've always thought Cisco to be one of the big offenders of packing.

    20 different sized screws, all in different plastic bags or boxes, within the main box. Only about 3 of which are actually required or fit your device. Surely, they could use one screw size for everything? Mind you they can;t even have standard fit rack ears across the range of boxes. Then all those separate handbooks, safety sheets. addendums, whatever. All individually wrapped. Oh, and a couple of Cat 5's - not that someone installing a cisco would have any of their own cat 5's to hand..... And of course, a selection of UK, EU and US mains cables, just in case. Then some random plastic bits that look like they came from a christmas cracker. No idea what they do.

    And if you order 20 or 30 routers, you get 20 or 30 times the fluff and packing - not a bulk box/palletload of just routers and rack ear brackets.

  10. Peter2 Silver badge

    Oh, those links to absurd packaging stories bring back memories. Back in 2007 we'd just ordered an entire offices worth of gear including racks etc and received a pallet just for the server 2003 CAL's/CD in a separate delivery to the servers and the rack.

    Our assumption back then was that the shipping departments at HP, Dell et al were deliberately competing to get covered by El Reg with their absurd shipping choices, but to be fair they could have expected that pallet was going to go with all of the others and we might overlook it if just sellotaped to the packing on one of the other orders.

    1. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

      Re: ordered an entire offices worth of gear

      You're not in Peterborough are you?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Due Dilligence

    Hope they paid attention to due diligence and properly audited the companies books before taking them over. Wouldn't want someone like HP to get in a bit of a pickle, would we?

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