back to article Ever-growing volumes of data mean computational storage is becoming crucial for HPC, say boffins at Dell's tech chinwag

Dell believes that technologies such as computational storage will soon play a part in high-performance computing (HPC) in response to ever-growing volumes of data. It doesn't see the general-purpose CPU disappearing any time soon, but says it will be complemented with specialised processors for specific tasks, with …

  1. badflorist

    If the "AI" is that good...

    ... how about having the "AI" figure out how to use less space?

    I'm not sure when "AI" became the new name for "filter", "algorithm", etc., but none of this "AI" appears to be solving the problems "AI" creates. Even a hammer can potentially hammer out the dents it creates.

    Off topic but, another way of implying "Artificial" is "Not real"... "Not real intelligence".

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: If the "AI" is that good...

      There is no AI, it's just marketing malarky.

      Statistical analysis is good, and it's a good thing that companies are warming to it, but there is no more "intelligence" in there than in a block of granite. It's all down to who programs the stat functions so, once more, the only intelligence is that of the engineer or "AI techinician" who is experienced enough to lay down a useful set of rules for the CPUs to blindly follow.

      'Cause it ain't those CPUs doin' the thinkin'.

  2. ITS Retired

    I have an idea? Stop collection so much useless "information" for just in case, or for $$$.

    You know, like If I buy something online, then for a month or more after they send me, or try to send me, more ads for like stuff, or adding me to a mailing list I did not sign up for and from an outfit/s I never heard of. There is a reason for Junk and Spam filters.

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