back to article New tools to simplify wrapping your head around Kubernetes

Engineer Nelson Elhage offers several reasons Kubernetes is so complex but this does at least mean that multiple companies offer tools to try to help you master it. The Google-backed container-management system is famously difficult, even to spell or pronounce. (It's often called "k8s" for short: since "kubernetes" is 10 …

  1. Jimbali

    I have never heard anyone pronounce it "kates"! xD

  2. Warm Braw

    Famously difficult

    There is a general problem with this type of technology that it eliminates complexity with which you were previously familiar and replaces it with equivalent, or greater, unfamiliar complexity.

    I'm not sure that having even more variations is helpful in that respect.

    1. Plest Silver badge

      Re: Famously difficult

      Exactly that kind of thing that's kept me in my chosen profession for 35 years now and as a sideline fattened my pensions and savings thanks....early retirement here I come!

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