back to article Infosec big dogs break out the bubbly over UK government's latest cyber strategy emission

Big industry players have praised the latest cybersecurity strategy emitted by the British government, rubbing their hands with glee at its promises of lucrative public contracts for the rest of the 2020s. The snappily titled Government Cyber Security Strategy, wheeled out yesterday, will set UK domestic cybersecurity strategy …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They can keep their mitts off

    As Title says. The buggers can keep their miits off this particular Government Agency.

    I would say, if we needed more resource we would expand our cyber security Teams, but we just did.

    1. taxman

      Re: They can keep their mitts off

      I just hope it wasn't too taxing for you, and that you didn't spend too much revenue on a custom job.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Informative Educational Entertainment Speaking Truths unto Nations.

    The partnering private international and internetional pirate sector is also a vital vector to not forget, with principals to both address and impress with flash slush cash/covert public sector investment [a good old fashioned, well tried and even in the likes of today with its burgeoning portfolios of stealthy attacking 0days, still a wonderfully effective, universally successful painless root] to have any possible chance of surprising and sustainable successes ..... which I'm sure most here would agree would be a thoroughly welcome and long awaited great change of fortune/misfortune.

    Lacking that, one only has a whole series of increasingly more surprising and sophisticated and destructively disruptive defeats to look forward to in a vast broad range of sensitive and strategically fundamental fields.

    The correct choice there to made and carried out is surely a No-Brainer but, as has been said before on far too many occasions for one to assume that important lessons have been well learned by humans to be constantly remembered in order not to be surprised again in showers of bitter disappointment ......"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

    Therefore, you might like to consider that is why such vital future decisions as need to be presently made for rapid success in such fields which are definitely novel and practically Greater IntelAIgent Game Changing are made by A.N.Others and then fed to y'all via Mass Multi-Media Mogul Means and Registering Meme Channels and Advanced Remote Virtual Tunnels. It saves on the hassle that persists to insist that more time in an unusual space/place will tell a better human tale, whenever it clearly will not survive the intensive scrutiny of an artificially over prolonged ignorant wait.

  3. ShadowSystems Silver badge

    A question about contractors.

    How will IR35 affect the government's ability to hire sufficient private-sector resources?

    1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

      Re: A question about contractors.

      The coming trade deal with India will fix that.

  4. batfink Silver badge


    " the whole of British state-owned IT infrastructure "being resilient to known vulnerabilities and attack methods" in eight years"


  5. HildyJ Silver badge


    The strategy is destined to go TITSUP - Total Inability To Secure Useful Partnerships.

    The partnerships at the feeding trough excel in rehashing old findings, creating white papers that restate the obvious, and starting projects with continuing budgets but no end date. None of the are Useful.

    Except to the Ministers who can point to them and say "see, we're doing something.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is a "strategy"? Really?

    Quote: "....The UK's legitimacy and authority as a cyber power..."

    When was that?

    Quote: '... to "significantly harden" public-sector security by 2025...'

    Now, most of the software in the "public-sector" will be know, Microsoft, SAP, ORACLE, SolarWinds (!) and so on.

    And most of the hardware in the "public-sector" will also be know, IBM, Cisco, Apple, Huawei (!) and so on.

    And most of the integration is done, not by "the government", but by know, Deloitte, Accenture, Capita (!) and so on.

    .....which leaves me with a question....

    Quote: "... plugs the National Cyber Security Centre into other infosec bodies within government: the Central Digital and Data Office and the Government Security Group..."

    Who thinks that three (three!) government groups are capable of coordinating ANYTHING AT ALL (see above)? ...never mind a so-called "strategy"!

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