back to article ESA's Solar Orbiter sneaks in bonus science by choking on the dust of a comet tail (again)

The European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter followed up its whizz past Earth as 2021 drew to a close by passing through the tail of a comet. Again. While eyes were turned to French Guiana and the impending launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, for a few days around 17 December the spacecraft flew through the tail of Comet C/ …

  1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    Meanwhile, on Mars, dust is the bane of solar powered robots!

    Great science guys, have a pint on me :-)

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Well done

    Data from the inside, corroborated with data from the outside. A perfect chance, and Science is not one to waste those.

    Good on all involved !

  3. Zebo-the-Fat


    Never miss a chance to learn something new!

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